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View Public Comments for Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) (CAG-00067R2)

Anders, Scott
Chief Medical Officer
Tenet Healthcare Corporation, Tenet Physician Resources
I fully support ABPM coverage for our Medicare patients. By now you have most likely been inundated with numerous scientific studies extolling the benefits of identifying hidden BP issue at home including loss of the protective nocturnal dip. The leading cause of death is still cardiovascular disease and a leading progenitor of progressive CV disease is uncontrolled or inadequately controlled hypertension. Our elderly are particularly vulnerable and at risk. Their organ reserves are often on the borderline of adequate and any detrimental affects only hastens deterioration leading to premature demise. In particular renal function is at risk. With an already age-related and often disease related decrease in reserve, continued uncontrolled hypertension rapidly decrease GFR. It is well documented that reduced kidney function is a predictor of bad outcomes. I urge you to consider covering ABPM for one of our most vulnerable populations. Thank you.