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Hospice: Documenting Weight Loss for Beneficiaries with Non-Neoplastic Conditions


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Hospice: Documenting Weight Loss for Beneficiaries with Non-Neoplastic Conditions
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Weight has long been used as a measure of nutritional status. Both absolute body weight and changes in body weight have prognostic significance. The documentation of absolute body weight provides information at a specified point in time, while changes in body weight allow clinicians to gauge a given patient's response to treatment over time.

If hospice organizations record “percent weight loss” as an indicator of nutritional status, Palmetto GBA expects to see supporting documentation of the absolute weights used to calculate the percent decrease. The reporting of absolute weights strengthens documentation of percent change in weight over time (e.g., > 10% weight loss over the last six months with weight decreasing from 110 pounds to 95 pounds). Palmetto GBA encourages hospice providers to include absolute weights in their responses to Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs).

Unsupported percent weight loss in the medical record may result in a denial if other documentation does not lend support to impaired nutritional status.

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