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Therapy Driving Evaluations


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Therapy Driving Evaluations
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Medicare does not reimburse evaluations performed solely to assess a beneficiary's ability to drive a vehicle. In order for a service to be covered, the service must have a benefit category in the statute Title 18 of the Social Security Act (SSA), it must not be excluded, and it must be reasonable and necessary. There is no benefit category for driving evaluations.

In addition, both screening (except as specifically exempted by statute) and routine physical examinations are excluded from coverage. 42 United States Code (USC) 1395y (a) describes routine physical checkups as:

1. Examinations performed for a purpose other than treatment or diagnosis of a specific illness, symptom, complaint, or injury.
2. Examinations required by insurance companies, business establishments, government agencies or other third parties.

For Medicare purposes, when services provided are related solely to driving, they are not reasonable or necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness or injury and are excluded from coverage under the program by SSA 1862(a)(1).

This is a statutory exclusion. The beneficiary is liable for the charges and no Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) is required. However, providers are encouraged to provide a voluntary ABN. Append modifier GX (Notice of Liability Issue, Voluntary under Payer Policy) to any billed line item.


• CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM), Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Publication 100-04, Chapter 1 Section 60
• Social Security Act (SSA) Sections 1861 and 1862(a)(1)
• 42CFR 411.15(a)

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