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2016 Press releases

The following list provides access to many published CMS Press Releases. You may narrow the search results further by selecting one of the search options below.


Date Title
2016-01-21 CMS Finalizes ACA Rule to Save Taxpayers Billions
2016-01-26 CMS Releases Guide to Preventing Readmissions among Racially and Ethnically Diverse Medicare Beneficiaries
2016-01-28 CMS Releases First Ever Home Health Patient Experience of Care Star Ratings
2016-01-28 CMS Announces Proposed Improvements to Medicare Shared Savings Program
2016-01-29 New Proposal to Give Providers and Employers Access to Information to Drive Quality and Patient Care Improvement
2016-02-08 More than 10 million people with Medicare have saved over $20 billion on prescription drugs since 2010
2016-02-16 CMS and major commercial health plans, in concert with physician groups and other stakeholders, announce alignment and simplification of quality measures
2016-02-19 CMS proposes 2017 payment and policy updates for Medicare Health and Drug Plans
2016-02-22 CMS publishes Medicare Fee-for-Service Provider & Supplier Lists
2016-02-29 CMS Finalizes Improvements for the 2017 Health Insurance Marketplace
2016-03-08 CMS proposes to test new Medicare Part B prescription drug models to improve quality of care and deliver better value for Medicare beneficiaries
2016-03-09 CMS releases Skilled Nursing Facility utilization and payment data
2016-03-17 CMS Releases Interactive Mapping Medicare Disparities Tool
2016-03-24 CMS Launches New Effort to Improve Care for Nursing Facility Residents
2016-03-29 CMS finalizes mental health and substance use disorder parity rule for Medicaid and CHIP
2016-04-04 CMS finalizes 2017 payment and policy updates for Medicare Health and Drug Plans
2016-04-06 Departments Finalize New Version of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage
2016-04-11 CMS launches largest-ever multi-payer initiative to improve primary care in America
2016-04-19 CMS releases Medicare Advantage quality data for racial and ethnic minorities
2016-04-27 CMS Adds New Quality Measures to Nursing Home Compare
2016-05-03 CMS Publishes Final Rule on Fire Safety Requirements for Certain Health Care Facilities
2016-05-05 Updates to Data Initiatives Increase Transparency of the Medicare Program
2016-06-06 Medicare Makes Enhancements to the Shared Savings Program to Strengthen Incentives for Quality Care
2016-06-13 CMS Proposes Rule to Improve Health Equity and Care Quality in Hospitals
2016-06-15 CMS Announces $22 Million in Affordable Care Act Funding for State Insurance Departments
2016-06-17 Medicare Will Use Private Payor Prices to Set Payment Rates for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests Starting in 2018
2016-06-22 Medicare Trustees Report Shows Continued Slow Cost Growth
2016-06-30 CMS’ Open Payments Program Posts 2015 Financial Data
2016-06-30 Expansion of Hepatitis C Drug Coverage in Massachusetts
2016-07-01 CMS Finalizes Rule Giving Providers and Employers Improved Access to Information for Better Patient Care
2016-07-06 CMS Proposes Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System Changes to Better Support Physicians and Improve Patient Care
2016-07-07 Medicare Proposes Substantial Improvements to Paying for Care Coordination and Planning, Primary Care, and Mental Health in Doctor Payment Rule
2016-07-12 Median Marketplace Deductible only $850
2016-07-13 2015-2025 Projections of National Health Expenditures Data Released
2016-07-21 Medicare announces participants for a new initiative to prevent heart attacks and strokes
2016-07-25 CMS approves Arizona’s plan to re-open CHIP program
2016-07-29 Medicare projects relatively stable average prescription drug premiums in 2017
2016-07-29 CMS extends, expands fraud-fighting enrollment moratoria efforts in six states
2016-08-01 CMS announces next phase in largest-ever initiative to improve primary care in America
2016-08-04 Medicare announces participants in effort to improve access, quality of care in rural areas
2016-08-09 Affordable Care Act payment model continues to improve care, lower costs
2016-08-10 CMS Updates Nursing Home Five-Star Quality Ratings
2016-08-18 CMS releases new prescription drug cost data
2016-08-18 CMS examines inappropriate steering of people eligible for Medicare or Medicaid into Marketplace plans
2016-08-25 Physicians and health care providers continue to improve quality of care, lower costs
2016-08-29 CMS proposes new standards to strengthen the Marketplace for 2018
2016-09-06 CMS awards consumer assistance funding to support 2017 Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment
2016-09-08 CMS finalizes rule to bolster emergency preparedness of certain facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid
2016-09-22 Medicare Advantage premiums remain stable in 2017; beneficiaries have saved over $23.5 billion on prescription drugs
2016-09-27 Administration launches new campaign to enroll young adults during Open Enrollment
2016-09-28 CMS finalizes improvements in care, safety, and consumer protections for long-term care facility residents
2016-09-29 CMS awards $347 million to continue progress toward a safer health care system
2016-10-03 AHRQ, CMS Award $13 Million to Test and Implement New Children’s Quality Measures
2016-10-03 CMS Awards $300,000 to the Greater Flint Health Coalition to Help Reduce the Number of Uninsured Children in Flint, Michigan
2016-10-04 CMS selects Quality Improvement Organization to support quality improvement at Indian Health Service hospitals
2016-10-06 CMS releases new data to increase transparency on Medicare hospice payments and the Third Release of the Market Saturation and Utilization Data Tool
2016-10-13 CMS announces new initiative to increase clinician engagement
2016-10-13 CMS Details Outreach Campaign Strategy for Open Enrollment 2017
2016-10-21 Hospital Compare is updated with Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Hospital Data
2016-10-25 CMS announces additional opportunities for clinicians to join innovative care approaches under the Quality Payment Program
2016-10-26 Vermont All-Payer ACO Model joins growing state-based efforts to deliver better health care, reduce costs
2016-10-27 CMS Announces Target Markets for Open Enrollment 2017
2016-11-01 CMS Finalizes Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System Changes to Better Support Hospitals and Physicians and Improve Patient Care
2016-11-02 Medicare finalizes substantial improvements that focus on primary care, mental health, and diabetes prevention
2016-11-03 CMS publishes proposed rule on Fire Safety Requirements for Applicable Dialysis Facilities
2016-11-09 CMS Announces $66.1 Million to Support Zika Prevention & Treatment Services
2016-11-10 CMS and Indian Health Service expand collaboration to improve health care in hospitals
2016-11-10 2017 Medicare Parts A & B Premiums and Deductibles Announced
2016-11-17 CMS launches new online tool to make Quality Payment Program easier for clinicians
2016-12-02 CMS Releases 2015 National Health Expenditures
2016-12-15 CMS announces additional opportunities for clinicians under the Quality Payment Program
2016-12-15 Medicare-Medicaid ACO Model joins growing number of state-based efforts to improve quality of care, lower costs
2016-12-16 CMS Finalizes Rules for the Health Insurance Marketplace, Improving Stability