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Page Help for Search Results for Local Coverage Documents or Geographic Region

The Search Results page displays your search criteria and document results set.

Section Header: The blue bar at the top of a boxed section is called a Section Header. In some cases, the section header can be expanded and collapsed. An +/- in the upper-left corner of the blue bar indicates if the section may be expanded or collapsed.

Number of Records: This number represents the number of records available in a set.

Search Criteria: The Search Criteria section displays the criteria you used to conduct your search.

Document Counter: Indicates the number of document(s) that are currently selected on the page. When one (1) or more documents are selected, you may choose to add them to your Basket.

"Modify Your Search" / "New Search" Links: The "Modify Your Search" and "New Search" links will navigate you back to the Advanced Search page. The "Modify Your Search" link will maintain your search criteria and the "New Search" link will clear all search criteria.

Add to Basket Button: After document(s) have been selected, you may click the Add to Basket Button to store the selected records in your Basket.

"Go to page" Function: The "Go to page" function indicates the current page of the results table you are viewing. To navigate to a specific page number, enter the number in the input field and click the Go to page Button.

"Expand All" / "Collapse All" Links: The "Expand All" and "Collapse All" links are used to expand or collapse all sections or a series of sections on a page.

Page Navigation: The page navigation provides navigation links to pages within the results table. The "First" link will navigate to the first page of the results table. The "Prev" link will navigate one page back from the current page. The numeric links will navigate to that particular page number. The page that you are currently viewing is displayed as a black number and cannot be clicked. To view more pages in the range, click the "…" link. The "Next" link will navigate one page forward from the current page. The "Last" link will navigate to the last page of the results table.

View Items Per Page: The "View Items Per Page" drop-down allows you to select the number of records to view per page. Available options are 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Results Table: The Results Table section displays results based on a search criteria or a predefined list. If the records in this table have associated details pages, you will be able to click on the hyperlink to view information.

Column Sorting: The "down" arrow sorts column content in descending order. The "up" arrow sorts column content in ascending order.

"Select All" Check box: The "Select All" check box will check (select) all records visible on the page within one results table. The individual check boxes can be used to select particular records.

"Back to Top" arrow: The "Back to Top" arrow is a shortcut that allows users to quickly navigate to the top of the page.

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