Press Releases

CMS Statement on Partial Medicaid Expansion Policy

“CMS has long supported state flexibility to design innovative Medicaid demonstrations that improve outcomes and promote fiscal sustainability. However, a number of states have asked CMS for permission to cover only a portion of the adult expansion group and still access the enhanced federal funding available through Obamacare. Unfortunately, this would invite continued reliance on a broken and unsustainable Obamacare system. While we have carefully considered these requests,  CMS will continue to only approve demonstrations that comply with the current policy. However, CMS will continue to support state efforts to design reforms that promote the objectives of the Medicaid program while ensuring greater fiscal and programmatic accountability. The Trump Administration has demonstrated this commitment to state flexibility through approvals of ground-breaking demonstrations, including those that promote the principals of work and community engagement, as well as programs that expand access to critical substance use disorder services.”

--CMS Spokesperson