Medicare Parts A & B

As we start a new year, we know that for many seniors January 1st also signals a fresh start for their Medicare health insurance coverage. Coverage and costs may change, deductibles reset, and those who changed health or drug plans start learning about their new plan benefits.
As we enter into the final week of Medicare Open Enrollment, CMS is pleased to report that enrollment is brisk and we’re already seeing the positive impact of the new Medicare Plan Finder.
Earlier this month, President Trump announced an Executive Order charging CMS to propose annual changes to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in the Medicare program.

Public service is a privilege. My primary mission as the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is to deliver on President Trump’s commitment to strengthen and modernize Medicare for the millions of Americans who depend on us every day.  

To this end, at CMS we are constantly looking for new ways to better serve our beneficiaries. That’s why we started the eMedicare initiative.  

Today the Trump Administration announced our overhaul of the program for Accountable Care Organizations, or “ACOs,” in Medicare.