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Billing and Coding: Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation


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Billing and Coding: Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation
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Billing and Coding
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CMS National Coverage Policy

Title XVIII of the Social Security Act §1833(e)

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Effective 08/11/2011, Palmetto GBA will reimburse services for doppler-guided hemorrhoid artery ligation with or without retroanal repair for Grade II or III hemorrhoids that have failed rubber band ligation or conservative treatment, such as behavior modification, high fiber diets to control constipation, and hydrocortisone cream/suppositories.

To submit claims for this service, submit code 46948.

According to CPT® coding references, it is not appropriate to submit the following codes with a 46948 service: 46020, 46221, 46250, 46255, 46257, 46258, 46260, 46261, 46262, 46600, 46945, 46946, 76872, 76942, and 76998.



Coding Information


Group 1

(16 Codes)
Group 1 Paragraph


Group 1 Codes
46020 Placement of seton
46221 Ligation of hemorrhoid(s)
46250 Remove ext hem groups 2+
46255 Remove int/ext hem 1 group
46257 Remove in/ex hem grp & fiss
46258 Remove in/ex hem grp w/fistu
46260 Remove in/ex hem groups 2+
46261 Remove in/ex hem grps & fiss
46262 Remove in/ex hem grps w/fist
46600 Diagnostic anoscopy spx
46945 Int hrhc lig 1 hroid w/o img
46946 Int hrhc lig 2+hroid w/o img
46948 Int hrhc tranal dartlzj 2+
76872 Us transrectal
76942 Echo guide for biopsy
76998 Us guide intraop

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01/01/2020 R6

Under Article Title changed title to, “Billing and Coding: Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation”. Under Article Text deleted CPT® code 0249T that is mentioned throughout the text and replaced it with CPT® code 46948. Under CPT/HCPCS Codes Group 1: Codes added CPT® code 46948. CPT® code 0249T was deleted. The code descriptions for CPT® codes 46945 and 46946 were revised. This revision is due to the Annual CPT®/HCPCS Code Update and becomes effective on 1/1/2020.

10/03/2019 R5

This article is being revised in order to adhere to CMS requirements per Chapter 13, Section 13.5.1 of the Program Integrity Manual. Title XVIII of the Social Security Act §1833(e) has been added to the CMS National Coverage Policy section and removed from the Statutory Requirements section. Under Article Title changed title from “Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation CPT Code 0249T Article” to “Billing and Coding: Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation CPT Code 0249T”.

03/15/2018 R4

Revisions were made to the Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation CPT Code 0249T Article A53006. Under CPT/HCPCS Codes added CPT codes included in the Article Text.

At this time 21st Century Cures Act will apply to new and revised LCDs that restrict coverage which requires comment and notice. This revision is not a restriction to the coverage determination; and, therefore not all the fields included on the LCD are applicable as noted in this policy.


02/26/2018 R3 The Jurisdiction "J" Part B Contracts for Alabama (10112), Georgia (10212) and Tennessee (10312) are now being serviced by Palmetto GBA. Effective 02/26/18, these three contract numbers are being added to this article. No coverage, coding or other substantive changes (beyond the addition of the 3 Part B contract numbers) have been completed in this revision.
03/10/2016 R2 Under Article Text added “…coding references…” to the third sentence and deleted the cited reference. Under CPT/HCPCS Codes Group 1: Paragraph deleted the statement as it was redundant.
10/01/2015 R1 In Additional Documents added SSA Citations. Added HCPCS codes from Article Text to the HCPCS Coding section.

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