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CMS Roundup (Apr. 21, 2023)

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Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is providing an at-a-glance summary of news from around the agency:

CMS Administrator Brooks-LaSure Covers Medicare Basics in Part Two of Guest Blog

April 13: Social Security Matters published the second of a two-part guest blog by CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure covering the basics of Medicare for the publication’s 400,000 subscribers. The blog continues the discussion of what people need to know regarding the Medicare program — when to apply, how to apply, what options to consider, and the tools and resources available to help coverage decisions. Part 1 was published on April 6, 2023.

CMS Continues Outreach and Education Efforts to Help People Keep or Find New Coverage During Medicaid Redetermination – Including Information in Multiple Languages

April 18: As states begin the process of redetermining Medicaid eligibility for millions on their states’ rolls, CMS and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) posted a blog jointly authored by Assistant Secretary January Contreras and CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure calling on community partners to lend their voices to help people stay connected to affordable, comprehensive care through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicare, the Health Insurance Marketplaces, or employer-sponsored coverage. The blog includes information and resources on what individuals and families can do to retain their Medicaid coverage or find new coverage. You can also read the blog on the CMS website.

April 19: CMS’ Enrollment Assistance Personnel (EAP) program is back and updated to aid consumers with healthcare coverage transitions. CMS reestablished and revamped the EAP program, with EAP assisters prepared to help consumers who lose Medicaid coverage to facilitate a seamless transition to Marketplace coverage during the Medicaid redetermination period. CMS is also ensuring the EAPs' efforts are coordinated with other assisters in the community to help consumers understand basic concepts and rights related to health coverage, provide enrollment assistance, and work with individuals to link coverage to care. In addition, agents and brokers can also help consumers enroll in new coverage options. Information on the EAP program can be found here.

April 10: CMS added information in five additional languages to its Medicaid redetermination toolkit as part of its ongoing efforts to help people on Medicaid and CHIP maintain their coverage or transition to other coverage options. Personal health literacy and language access are key factors in ensuring people have the information they need to make health-related decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Information is now available in Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese

CMS Approves Oregon Health Plan Demonstration Amendment Helping Individuals Maintain Medicaid Coverage

April 20: CMS approved an amendment to the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) demonstration that authorizes Medicaid coverage for individuals ages 19 through 64, with incomes from 133 through 200 percent of the federal poverty level, who are currently enrolled in OHP under a guarantee of continued eligibility originally enacted in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which expired April 1. The amendment will help maintain coverage following the expiration of the Medicaid continuous enrollment provision under FFCRA. This amendment will streamline retention of coverage by not requiring people to move to the Marketplace. The state is actively exploring options for long-term coverage for this population, including potentially establishing a Basic Health Program. Information can be found here.

CMS Approves of State of Washington Medicaid Section 1115 Demonstration

April 14: CMS approved an amendment to the State of Washington's Medicaid section 1115(a) demonstration, titled “Medicaid Transformation Project." Approval of this demonstration amendment includes several improvements, like historic continuous eligibility for Medicaid children from the point they become eligible until they reach age six, regardless of income fluctuations or changes that would affect eligibility. The demonstration also expands the definition of transportation so eligible program participants can gain access to benefits, including community services and activities based on their service plan. The amendment is effective upon approval and will expire along with the demonstration on June 30, 2023. The approval letter can be found here.

Medicaid and CHIP Postpartum Coverage Expands to Rhode Island

April 19: CMS marked another important maternal health milestone by approving Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) postpartum coverage expansion in Rhode Island, an opportunity made possible by the American Rescue Plan. With this approval, 32 states and D.C. have extended postpartum Medicaid/CHIP coverage to a full year. The approval letters can be found here for Medicaid, and here for CHIP.

Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Information Collection Request Open for Public Comment

April 18: CMS issued its third data collection request process and invited  public comments on data and information to be submitted in the negotiation process. This information collection request is open for public input for 60 days. Comments are due by June 30, 2023, and can be submitted at

Virtual Registration Is Still Available for CMS Health Equity Conference June 7-8

CMS’ inaugural Health Equity Conference, which will be held at Howard University on June 7 - 8, 2023, has been met with increased enthusiasm by the public. Registration remains open for all interested in attending virtually. Due to the overwhelming response, registration for in-person attendance is now closed, however, names are still being added to the waitlist, and people on the waitlist will be contacted as additional in-person space becomes available. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear the most up-to-date research on health equity, discuss promising practices and innovative solutions, collaborate on community engagement efforts, and share lessons learned. Registration and waitlist information can be found on the conference website.

CMS Hosting its 2023 Quality Conference May 1-3

Registration is still open for the 2023 CMS Quality Conference “Building Resilient Communities: Having an Equitable Foundation for Quality Health Care,” which will be held on May 1 - 3, 2023. This virtual conference convenes leaders across the health care spectrum to explore how patients, advocates, providers, researchers, and champions in health care quality improvement can develop and spread solutions to address America’s most pervasive health system challenges. Information about the conference, and a link to the registration site, can be found here.

Other Recent Releases

CMS Proposes Policies to Improve Patient Safety and Promote Health Equity Through the FY 2024 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) and Long-Term Care Hospital Prospective Payment System (LTCH PPS)

HHS Releases New Guidance Encourages States to Apply for New Medicaid Re-Entry Section 1115 Demonstration

HHS Finalizes Policies to Make Coverage More Accessible and Expand Behavioral Health Care Access Through the 2024 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters

CMS Approves Illinois's Proposal to Expand Access to Care for Kids in Schools

 HHS Makes Ownership Data for All Medicare-Certified Hospices and Home Health Agencies Publicly Available


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CMS, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, serves the public as a trusted partner and steward, dedicated to advancing health equity, expanding coverage, and improving health outcomes. The agency protects public health by administering the Medicare program and working in partnership with state governments to administer Medicaid, CHIP and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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