Person and Family Engagement

Person and Family Engagement

We’re Putting Patients First

We need your help to bring patients and their families into the health care system to work on the design, delivery, and evaluation of their care.Our Person and Family Engagement Strategic Plan guides our work to put patients first by asking them and their families to work with us on our policies and programs.

What is the CMS Person & Family Engagement (PFE) strategy?

Our  (PDF)PFE strategy (PDF) explains:

  • The goals of person and family engagement.
  • How we’ll work with our partners and stakeholders to meet our goals.

What is our PFE strategic plan about?

Our strategic plan gives specific, actionable goals and objectives for making more people aware of and involved in person and family engagement.

How did we develop our PFE strategy?

We developed our PFE strategy with the intra-agency Person and Family Engagement Affinity Group.

What is the Person & Family Engagement Affinity Group?

The mission of the group is to find all of our PFE activities and find ways to coordinate and collaborate better with our PFE partners and stakeholders. We also included input from patient advocacy groups, associations, providers, caregivers, and other important stakeholders.

How You Can Work with Us

Here are some of the many ways you can help us bring patients and their families into the health care system to work on the design, delivery, and evaluation of their care.

Technical Expert Panels (TEPs)

A TEP is a major part of how we make measure policies and their reevaluation process. The beneficiaries, families, caregivers, and other stakeholders who make up our TEPs tell us what’s important to include in different measures. Learn about or apply to be part of our TEPs.

Rule Comments

We urge you to review and comment on our proposed “rules.” These rules tell how we plan to implement laws enacted by the Congress that impact our programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. Each rule has a period for public comment, which gives everyone the chance to send feedback about our plans for health care delivery and payment.

Here are 6 steps to find our rules that are open for comment:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Advanced Search
  3. Click on Open for Comment
  4. Click on Proposed Rule
  5. Narrow by Agency field, Select CMS
  6. Click on Search

You can also find tips for submitting effective comments.

Help patients & caregivers know how to work with us

Let patients and caregivers know that has information to help them work with us.


Share your ideas & give feedback

Innovation is everywhere. Clinicians, health systems, community leaders, and other innovators throughout the country are developing new models of care and payment that give better health and health care at lower costs. Our CMS innovation center wants your ideas about how care can be delivered and paid for in ways that will lower total costs and still make quality better.   

Where You Can Learn More

CMS webinars & forums

Our CMS Innovation Center offers webinars and forums where you can:

  • Learn about current programs.
  • Upcoming events and initiatives.
  • Ask questions.
  • Give feedback.

Federal Register

The Federal Register is the daily newspaper of the federal government published every business day by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The Federal Register:

  • Federal Agency Regulations
  • Proposed rules and public notices
  • Executive Orders
  • Proclamations
  • Other presidential documents.

CMS Newsroom

You can also follow important issues at CMS by joining the “CMS News” mailing list.

Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN)

The LAN’s mission is to speed up the health care system's move to alternative payment models (APMs) by joining the innovation, power, and range of the public and private sectors. The LAN includes a Consumer and Patient Affinity Group.

Medication Therapy Management

Learn about the Part D Medication Therapy Management (MTMP) program requirements and information.


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