HIPAA Administrative Simplification Resources and FAQs

HIPAA Administrative Simplification Resources and FAQs
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What is Administrative Simplification?

It’s the idea that the health care industry can reduce burden and lower costs by standardizing how business is done. Administrative Simplification requirements, part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, govern how providers, health plans, and clearinghouses must conduct electronic, administrative transactions and set privacy and security standards for transmitting electronic health information.

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Who We Are

The National Standards Group (NSG) within the Office of Burden Reduction & Health Informatics (OBRHI), administers HIPAA Administrative Simplification requirements related to the format and content of electronic, administrative health care transactions, such as claims and payment. The responsibility for administering HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions related to privacy and security has been delegated to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

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What We Do

NSG uses recommendations from the industry to develop and enforce regulations that adopt standards, operating rules, unique identifiers, and code sets, that all covered entities must follow when conducting administrative health care transactions, called HIPAA Standard Transactions.


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Administrative Simplification Overview

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NSG oversees, statutes and regulations, and how requirements are adopted and updated.

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NSG enforces Administrative Simplification standards by: Responding to complaints about noncompliance and conducting proactive compliance reviews.

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Subregulatory Guidance

Is a line of tools designed to help HIPAA covered entities, their partners, and the health care community comply with statutory and regulatory requirements for standards for electronic health care transactions and operating rules.

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