About the Medicaid Integrity Institute

About the Medicaid Integrity Institute


In September 2007, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established the Medicaid Integrity Institute (MII), the first national Medicaid program integrity training program. The MII provides a unique opportunity for CMS to offer substantive training, technical assistance, and support to the States in a structured learning environment.

The MII provides content that is responsive to state program integrity needs, highlights emerging trends and strategies, and features states’ effective practices.

Operating Statement

The MII focuses on developing a comprehensive program of study addressing aspects of Medicaid program integrity including fraud investigation, data mining and analysis, case development, provider enrollment, and medical billing and coding. Instructors at the MII include state Medicaid program administrators and subject matter experts, federal policy and subject matter experts, law enforcement officials, private consultants, and academia. Training at the MII is at no cost to the state Medicaid agencies. The training needs of the employees from the Medicaid program integrity units will be primarily addressed; however, employees from other Medicaid components may also be able to participate depending on the course objectives.

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