How to Get Connected

How to Get Connected

Access Process for Clearinghouses/Providers: 

In order to obtain access to the HETS 270/271 application a submitter needs to complete the Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) Form (PDF) .  Make sure the TPA signer understands their responsibilities (PDF) before signing. 

Use our R2023Q400 HETS 270/271 Companion Guide v10-34 (PDF) to complete your application and submit a signed copy to and make sure it:

  • Includes all requested information
  • Is typed, not hand written (except signatures - wet or digital signature is accepted)
  • Includes all pages of the application
  • Is saved as a single file
  • Is encrypted

Establish Submitter ID

The MCARE Help Desk will provide you a submitter ID after CMS approves your TPA. This ID is required on all HETS 270/271 application transactions. Real-time 270 production inquiries after successful testing.

Connection Overview

Review the Rules of Behavior (PDF) and Best Practices for Managing HETS Connections (PDF) .

You have three options to access the CMS Data Center:

CMS will continue to hold Clearinghouses responsible for the privacy and security of eligibility transactions sent directly to them from Providers, and will require them to be able to associate each inquiry with a Provider. Submitters must establish provider authentication outside of the transaction. Submitters must not send User IDs and passwords within the 270 eligibility transaction.

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