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Discussion of Telehealth Policies in Previous Rulemaking

The links below navigate readers to the sections of prior years’ Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Notice and Comment rulemaking on the U.S. Government Federal Register website. We have curated links to ease the burden of finding historical information. For more ways to search the Federal Register, please navigate here; using advanced filters may be helpful (the advanced filter can be used to search for example: "Documents matching '\"Physician Fee Schedule\"', from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, of type Rule, affecting 42 CFR 410, and about Medicare" ). General reader aids for the Federal Register may be found here.

The following links navigate to various previous discussions of Medicare Telehealth:

  • CY 2003 PFS Final Rule (67 FR 79988 through 79989) – discussion of the implementation of legacy Category 1 and Category 2
  • IFC-1 (85 FR 19232 through 19243) – PHE-related flexibilities
  • IFC-2 (85 FR 27602) – PHE-related flexibilities
  • CY 2021 PFS Final Rule and IFC (85 FR 84502 through 84540)
  • CY 2022 PFS Final Rule (86 FR 65047 through 65062)
  • CY 2023 PFS Final Rule (87 FR 69445 through 69467)
  • CY 2024 PFS Final Rule (88 FR 78852 through 78878)

Other Federal Resources

These links to other U.S. Government resources may be useful for context when preparing a submission:

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