Medicare-Medicaid Data Sharing Program

Medicare-Medicaid Data Sharing Program


If you're with a state or territory Medicaid agency that wants to request data for your dual-eligible individuals, go to the State Data Resource Center (SDRC) website.


The Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office (MMCO) can help state and territory Medicaid agencies obtain Medicare data for coordinating care, improving quality, and assuring program integrity for people who are dually enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid, also known as dual eligible individuals.

Medicare-Medicaid Data Sharing Program

Under the Medicare-Medicaid Data Sharing Program, state and territory Medicaid agencies can request CMS data files, such as:

  • Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D eligibility and enrollment data 
  • Medicare Parts A and B claims data
  • Medicare Part D event data
  • Assessments data (including MDS, OASIS, Swing Bed, and IRF-PAI)
  • MMLEADS integrated data sets

State Data Resource Center (SDRC)

The SDRC offers support to state and territory Medicaid agencies throughout the data request process and provides direct access to Medicare data experts who can help with data use and application.

The SDRC also supports states and territories with understanding and using data from teh MMA File Exchange, the State Buy-in File Exchange, and the Territory & State Beneficiary Query (TBQ) File.

Additionally, the SDRC holds webinars about how to use Medicare data, the request process, and timely topics based on inquiries from the states and territories.

For More Information

Learn more about the Medicare data available and the Medicare data request process by visiting the SDRC webpage.

For questions, please contact the SDRC directly.

You can learn more about other CMS programs and data sharing opportunities here:

  • Shared Savings Program Data for Accountable Care Organizations
  • State Innovation Models
  • Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC): for data for research uses, including a state-specific pathway to get data on all Medicare eligible beneficiaries in their state
  • Other CMS Data Resources

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