Medicare-Medicaid Enrollee State Profiles

Medicare-Medicaid Enrollee State Profiles


Today there are over 12.2 million Medicare-Medicaid enrollees in the United States.To provide a greater understanding of the Medicare-Medicaid enrollee population, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has put together State profiles that examine the demographic characteristics, utilization, condition prevalence, and spending patterns of Medicare-Medicaid enrollees and the programs that serve them in each State.


Medicare-Medicaid Enrollee Profiles (State and National)

2007 Report

2008 Report

2009 Report

2011 Report

National 2007 Report (PDF)

National 2008 Report (PDF)

National 2009 Report (PDF)

National 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Alabama 2007 Report (PDF)

Alabama 2008 Report (PDF)

Alabama 2009 Report (PDF)

Alabama 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Alaska 2007 Report (PDF)

Alaska 2008 Report (PDF)

Alaska 2009 Report (PDF)

Alaska 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Arizona 2007 Report (PDF)

Arizona 2008 Report (PDF)

Arizona 2009 Report (PDF)

Arizona 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Arkansas 2007 Report (PDF)

Arkansas 2008 Report (PDF)

Arkansas 2009 Report (PDF)

Arkansas 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

California 2007 Report (PDF)

California 2008 Report (PDF)

California 2009 Report (PDF)

California 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Colorado 2007 Report (PDF)

Colorado 2008 Report (PDF)

Colorado 2009 Report (PDF)

Colorado 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Connecticut 2007 Report (PDF)

Connecticut 2008 Report (PDF)

Connecticut 2009 Report (PDF)

Connecticut 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Delaware 2007 Report (PDF)

Delaware 2008 Report (PDF)

Delaware 2009 Report (PDF)

Delaware 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

District of Columbia 2007 Report (PDF)

District of Columbia 2008 Report (PDF)

District of Columbia 2009 Report (PDF)

District of Columbia 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Florida 2007 Report (PDF)

Florida 2008 Report (PDF)

Florida 2009 Report (PDF)

Florida 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Georgia 2007 Report (PDF)

Georgia 2008 Report (PDF)

Georgia 2009 Report (PDF)

Georgia 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Hawaii 2007 Report (PDF)

Hawaii 2008 Report (PDF)

Hawaii 2009 Report (PDF)

Hawaii 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Idaho 2007 Report (PDF)

Idaho 2008 Report (PDF)

Idaho 2009 Report (PDF)

Idaho 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Illinois 2007 Report (PDF)

Illinois 2008 Report (PDF)

Illinois 2009 Report (PDF)

Illinois 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Indiana 2007 Report (PDF)

Indiana 2008 Report (PDF)

Indiana 2009 Report (PDF)

Indiana 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Iowa 2007 Report (PDF)

Iowa 2008 Report (PDF)

Iowa 2009 Report (PDF)

Iowa 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Kansas 2007 Report (PDF)

Kansas 2008 Report (PDF)

Kansas 2009 Report (PDF)

Kansas 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Kentucky 2007 Report (PDF)

Kentucky 2008 Report (PDF)

Kentucky 2009 Report (PDF)

Kentucky 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Louisiana 2007 Report (PDF)

Louisiana 2008 Report (PDF)

Louisiana 2009 Report (PDF)

Louisiana 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Maine 2007 Report (PDF)

Maine 2008 Report (PDF)

Maine 2009 Report (PDF)

Maine 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Maryland 2007 Report (PDF)

Maryland 2008 Report (PDF)

Maryland 2009 Report (PDF)

Maryland 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Massachusetts 2007 Report (PDF)

Massachusetts 2008 Report (PDF)

Massachusetts 2009 Report (PDF)

Massachusetts 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Michigan 2007 Report (PDF)

Michigan 2008 Report (PDF)

Michigan 2009 Report (PDF)

Michigan 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Minnesota 2007 Report (PDF)

Minnesota 2008 Report (PDF)

Minnesota 2009 Report (PDF)

Minnesota 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Mississippi 2007 Report (PDF)

Mississippi 2008 Report (PDF)

Mississippi 2009 Report (PDF)

Mississippi  2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Missouri 2007 Report (PDF)

Missouri 2008 Report (PDF)

Missouri 2009 Report (PDF)

Missouri 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Montana 2007 Report (PDF)

Montana 2008 Report (PDF)

Montana 2009 Report (PDF)

Montana 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Nebraska 2007 Report (PDF)

Nebraska 2008 Report (PDF)

Nebraska 2009 Report (PDF)

Nebraska 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Nevada 2007 Report (PDF)

Nevada 2008 Report (PDF)

Nevada 2009 Report (PDF)

Nevada 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

New Hampshire 2007 Report (PDF)

New Hampshire 2008 Report (PDF)

New Hampshire 2009 Report (PDF)

New Hampshire 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

New Jersey 2007 Report (PDF)

New Jersey 2008 Report (PDF)

New Jersey 2009 Report (PDF)

New Jersey 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

New Mexico 2007 Report (PDF)

New Mexico 2008 Report (PDF)

New Mexico 2009 Report (PDF)

New Mexico 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

New York 2007 Report (PDF)

New York 2008 Report (PDF)

New York 2009 Report (PDF)

New York 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

North Carolina 2007 Report (PDF)

North Carolina 2008 Report (PDF)

North Carolina 2009 Report (PDF)

North Carolina 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

North Dakota 2007 Report (PDF)

North Dakota 2008 Report (PDF)

North Dakota 2009 Report (PDF)

North Dakota 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Ohio 2007 Report (PDF)

Ohio 2008 Report (PDF)

Ohio 2009 Report (PDF)

Ohio 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Oklahoma 2007 Report (PDF)

Oklahoma 2008 Report (PDF)

Oklahoma 2009 Report (PDF)

Oklahoma 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Oregon 2007 Report (PDF)

Oregon 2008 Report (PDF)

Oregon 2009 Report (PDF)

Oregon 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Pennsylvania 2007 Report (PDF)

Pennsylvania 2008 Report (PDF)

Pennsylvania 2009 Report (PDF)

Pennsylvania 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Rhode Island 2007 Report (PDF)

Rhode Island 2008 Report (PDF)

Rhode Island 2009 Report (PDF)

Rhode Island 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

South Carolina 2007 Report (PDF)

South Carolina 2008 Report (PDF)

 South Carolina 2009 Report (PDF)

South Carolina 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

South Dakota 2007 Report (PDF)

South Dakota 2008 Report (PDF)

South Dakota 2009 Report (PDF)

South Dakota 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Tennessee 2007 Report (PDF)

Tennessee 2008 Report (PDF)

Tennessee 2009 Report (PDF)

Tennessee 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Texas 2007 Report (PDF)

Texas 2008 Report (PDF)

Texas 2009 Report (PDF)

Texas 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Utah 2007 Report (PDF)

Utah 2008 Report (PDF)

Utah 2009 Report (PDF)

Utah 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (PDF)

Vermont 2007 Report (PDF)

Vermont 2008 Report (PDF)

Vermont 2009 Report (PDF)

Vermont 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Virginia 2007 Report (PDF)

Virginia 2008 Report (PDF)

Virginia 2009 Report (PDF)

Virginia 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Washington 2007 Report (PDF)

Washington 2008 Report (PDF)

Washington 2009 Report (PDF)

Washington 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

West Virginia 2007 Report (PDF)

West Virginia 2008 Report (PDF)

West Virginia 2009 Report (PDF)

West Virginia 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Wisconsin 2007 Report (PDF)

Wisconsin 2008 Report (PDF)

Wisconsin 2009 Report (PDF)

Wisconsin 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)

Wyoming 2007 Report (PDF)

Wyoming 2008 Report (PDF)

Wyoming 2009 Report (PDF)

Wyoming 2011 Report (PDF)

Excel Data (ZIP)


Access Additional State Profile Information

Please note that the 2008, 2009, and 2011 State and National Profiles employed different data source and methodology for identifying Medicare-Medicaid enrollees than did the 2007 Profiles. For this reason, there may be slight variation in the results presented in 2007 versus 2008, 2009, and 2011. The 2008, 2009 and 2011 Reports take advantage of the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) monthly operational data on Medicare-enrollment that State Medicaid agencies submit to CMS almost contemporaneously. This change in data sources was the result of our evolving understanding regarding the most accurate way of identifying Medicare-Medicaid dual enrollees across our various administrative data source options.

For more information on defining Medicare-Medicaid enrollees via the MMA files please review Defining Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees in CMS Data Sources (PDF).

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