Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Answer
What is the URL for accessing HPMS? Both external users and CMS users must access HPMS via the following link: https://hpms.cms.gov.
How do I know when my CMS password is scheduled to expire? CMS passwords must be reset every 60 days. You can reset your CMS password using CMS’ EUA system. You can access EUA over the Internet at https://eua.cms.gov. To change your password, select the "Manage Passwords" tab in EUA and follow the instructions listed on the page. For technical assistance with this process, please contact the CMS IT Service Desk at either 1-800-562-1963 or 410-786-2580. If your account locks and your password must be reset by the CMS IT Service Desk, your password will be reset to the default (i.e., first letter of your last name in upper case, second letter of your last name in lower case, followed by the last six digits of your social security number). You are required to change the default password immediately via EUA. Important Note: The HPMS Help Desk cannot reset or change CMS passwords.
How can I update my name, address, and other personal account information in HPMS? You can update your name, e-mail address, organization, address, phone number, and fax number on the "User Account" tab of the User Account Management page under User Resources. For changes in EUA, you must send an email to hpms_access@cms.hhs.gov.
I cannot log into the HPMS and need to reset my password. Who should I contact? Please contact CMS IT Service Desk at 1-800-562-1963 or 410-786-2580 for assistance with all password issues.
I have already certified my user id, so why do I still keep receiving the ESS warning emails telling me to certify? To check your status, log into EUA at https://eua.cms.gov using your HPMS credentials. Even after being approved, your status may not change right away. Please check your status again after 24 hours. If your status still shows "Due/Pending," please contact the CMS IT Service Desk by phone at 1-800-562-1963 or 410-786-2580 or by email at CMS_IT_Service_Desk@cms.hhs.gov. The CMS IT Service Desk may need to open a trouble ticket in order to manually fix your account.
Can my User ID be reactivated if it's been deactivated or deleted? No. You will have to apply for a new User ID. You need to send the form to: CMS, Attention: HPMS User Access, 7500 Security Boulevard, Mailstop C4-18-13, Baltimore, MD 21244. You must send the original hardcopy form with a wet signature. CMS recommends that user ID forms be sent via traceable carrier.
How do I recertify my CMS user ID to ensure it remains active? CMS user IDs must be recertified on an annual basis. CMS will NOT accept paper recertifications, so you must complete the process electronically. To check your status, log into EUA at https://eua.cms.gov using your HPMS credentials. If you find a recertification item in your EUA inbox, select the item to complete your system access review. Select OK in the Decision column for each job code assigned to your user ID. When all items are marked OK in green in the Decision column, select "save all changes" at the bottom of the page. Scroll back to the top of the page and select the "sign off" button. Lastly, select the "finish" button in the pop-up message. You can visit the "View Identity" tab in EUA to determine your recertification status at any time. If your recertification status is "OK" and your recertification date has changed to the following year, you have completed the process successfully. If your recertification status is "pending," you have completed the system access review, but it is pending CMS approval. If your recertification status is "due," you must complete the system access review as described above. Upon completion, your recertification will be sent to CMS for final approval. If you have difficulty accessing the site, you must contact the CMS IT Service Desk at 410-786-2580 or 1-800-562-1963.
Why do you need my Social Security Number on the CMS user ID request form? CMS uses the Social Security Number (SSN) as a unique identifier for each user. The last 6 digits of the SSN will be used for your default password. If you maintain your password appropriately by changing your password every 60 days, you will not require a password reset.
What happens to my form after you enter it into your system? Once the form is entered into EUA, CMS retains the form in a secure location for one year. Once that time period has passed, CMS destroys the form.
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