System Requirements

System Requirements

Web Browsers

HPMS supports the following web browsers for both “desktop” and mobile devices:

  • Microsoft Edge (latest release) (for Windows)
  • Google Chrome (latest release) (for Windows and Mac)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest release) (for Windows and Mac)
  • Apple Safari (latest release) (for Mac)

Note: HPMS no longer supports the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

Screen Resolution

For best results, use the screen resolution recommended for your monitor.

Responsive Design

HPMS modules converted to the new look and feel use a responsive web design. In other words, the website has been designed to adapt automatically to a wide range of devices – from desktop computer monitors to tablets to mobile phones – with a minimum amount of resizing, panning, or scrolling.

The website's navigation will adapt to the device from which you are accessing the system. For example, the top navigation bar will appear differently when accessing the system via a desktop monitor or tablet in landscape mode versus a mobile phone or tablet in portrait mode.

Mac Users

To ensure full support, we recommend the use of the Chrome web browser to access HPMS on the Mac platform.

Several HPMS modules require users to upload zipped files. This functionality will read the contents of the zip file to ensure that the submission meets all validation requirements. When creating a zip file using the Mac's built-in compression utility, you may find that extraneous Mac-specific folders and/or files are placed into the zip file in addition to your primary contents. Oftentimes, these extra folders and files will cause the failure of your upload submission in HPMS.

Third party software is available to create zip files on the Mac that are fully compatible with the Windows platform by stripping out the extraneous folders and files. One example of this software is “BetterZip,” which is available at

Other Important Notes

Your web browser must:

  • Be configured to accept session cookies.
  • Have both JavaScript and stylesheets enabled.
  • Allow pop-up windows.

In addition, you must ensure that your e-mail system accepts mail from so that you receive important system notices.


If you have questions, please contact the HPMS Help Desk at either 1-800-220-2028 or


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