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Navigate Your Coverage
Access Care

How to Maximize Your Health Coverage — English (Video)

What should you do now that you have health coverage? Coverage to Care can show you how to maximize your coverage.

Confirm Your Coverage — English (Video)

Make sure that your enrollment is complete, and you have coverage.

Know Where to Go for Answers — English (Video)

Contact your health plan for any questions that you may have about costs or services.

Find a Provider — English (Video)

Find a provider who takes your coverage.

Make an Appointment — English (Video)

Make an appointment! Don’t wait until you’re sick to make an appointment.

Fill Your Prescriptions — English (Video)

Fill your prescriptions. Use your insurance card to fill any prescriptions you may need.

Get Preventive Care

MyHealthfinder Tool

Use the HHS MyHealthfinder tool for personalized recommendations on clinical preventive services based on age, sex, and pregnancy status. The Affordable Care Act requires most insurance plans to cover these services without cost-sharing. To include MyHealthfinder on your website, visit the Health Widgets & Badges page on

Manage Your Chronic Condition
Resources for Partners
Resources for Providers

Connected Care Physician Testimonial About Chronic Care Management — English (Video)

Watch and share one doctor’s testimonial about how offering CCM helps her Medicare patients and practice in rural North Carolina.

Health Care Professional Presentation — English (PPTX) (PDF)

Review the presentation to learn about the Connected Care public education campaign. Start a successful program in your practice and improve the quality of healthcare available to your patients.

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