Health Care Innovation Awards: South Carolina

Health Care Innovation Awards: South Carolina

Notes and Disclaimers:

  • Projects shown may have also operated in other states (see the Geographic Reach)
  • Descriptions and project data (e.g. gross savings estimates, population served, etc.) are 3 year estimates provided by each organization and are based on budget submissions required by the Health Care Innovation Awards application process.
  • While all projects were expected to produce cost savings beyond the 3 year grant award, some may not achieve net cost savings until after the initial 3-year period due to start-up-costs, change in care patterns and intervention effect on health status.


Project Title: “Healthy Columbia: recruiting, training, organizing, deploying, and supporting community health teams in low income area of Columbia, South Carolina”
Geographic Reach: South Carolina
Funding Amount: $2,330,000
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $14,817,600

Summary: Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers, Inc., in partnership with the Select Health and BlueChoice Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, is receiving an award for a project aimed at improving health outcomes for populations in underserved, low-income areas of Columbia, South Carolina. Eau Claire will use health care teams of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and community health workers affiliated with a Federally Qualified Health Center to provide patient education, home visits, and care coordination, leading to reduced use of high cost health care services, including emergency room visits and hospitalizations, improved self-management for patients with chronic conditions, a decrease in low birth weight infant care, and improved health outcomes in general. Payers have agreed to reimburse a portion of cost savings. Over a three-year period, Eau Claire Cooperative Health Centers will create an estimated 22 health care-related jobs, including positions for peer health workers, registered nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and a project director.


Project Title: "HOME CARE +, a care coordination model for persons receiving home care to prevent hospital, ER and nursing home admission"
Geographic Reach: South Carolina
Funding Amount: $2,884,719
Estimated 3-Year Savings: $3,100,611

Summary: The South Carolina Research Foundation received an award to test a care coordination model for recipients of home care that are nursing home level of care in South Carolina. The project uses a person-centered coaching approach by a Home Care Consultant (nurse) to engage the participant as a team member in their health care decision making. Through a team approach consisting of their personal care aide who receives a 12 module chronic disease management curriculum and care coordination on a long term basis, this approach will encourage the proper care at the proper time, care continuity, medication adherence, disease management, reduce avoidable hospitalizations, and emergency room visits and increase the length of time to transition to a nursing home.

Over a three-year period, the South Carolina Research Foundation will create an estimated 16 jobs. These workers will include a program manager and home care coordinators.

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