Quality, Safety & Education Division (QSED)

Quality, Safety & Education Division (QSED)

A Division of the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group (QSOG)

Mission and Goal

The CMS Quality, Safety & Education Division (QSED) in partnership with both the CMS Regional Offices (RO) and State Survey Agencies (SA), provides oversight of and manages all aspects of surveyors training to ensure a knowledgeable and skilled survey workforce throughout the United States. In collaboration with CMS subject matter experts, QSED plans, develops and executes a comprehensive national training program. This training provides both the foundation and incremental knowledge to help surveyors learn the survey process and CMS regulations. The training includes prerequisite training, basic training and post basic training in the forms of advanced courses, refreshers and competency tests.

The Goal is to empower ROs and SAs with the knowledge and skills needed to survey a provider or supplier type in accordance with the CMS survey process, conditions, standards and guidance on health care facility regulations.

Target Audiences: QSED training is provided primarily for the RO and SA health care facility surveyors and certification staff who manage the program in the field.  We allow access to the surveyor training, to several groups including providers, suppliers, and the public in our efforts to advance the Agency’s transparency initiatives and our mission towards quality improvement.


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