CAP Limited Competition Funding Opportunity Announcement

CAP Limited Competition Funding Opportunity Announcement

Q1: Why are only grantees that were awarded funds for this program in 2010 eligible to apply for this funding?
A1: The funds available through this announcement are unspent 2010 funds, which can only be shared among the States that applied for the 2010 grants.  Because the amount of grant funds available is relatively small, this approach ensures that the funds are used most efficiently by leveraging the progress made by existing grantees.  These grant funds will be used to extend or enhance activities being funded under the 2010 grants.

Q2: The amount of funds available for this award is smaller than what was available in 2010. Why are we required to fulfill all of the same duties?
A2: These grants are intended to help grantees continue the type of activities started under the original 2010 Consumer Assistance Program grants. As such, funding is an extension of the grants and must be used under the terms of the original grant.

Q3: What is the grant period of performance for this award?
A3: The grant period of performance is 12 months.

Q4: Can I request funds under this announcement to perform activities I am currently performing under the 2010 Consumer Assistance Program award funds?
A4: Yes. These grant funds will be used to extend or enhance activities being funded under the 2010 grants. For example, if a Consumer Assistance Program was performing an outreach campaign that included a 6-month public service announcement (PSA) on the radio under the 2010 grant award, that Consumer Assistance Program could extend the PSA beyond the original six months, or add a different PSA. The Consumer Assistance Program could also use these funds to add to the radio campaign through other media not currently included in their project plans, such as newspapers, local magazines, or television. Funds awarded under this grant funding opportunity announcement cannot be supplanted activities funded under the original grant or by any future Consumer Assistance Program funding opportunities if grant periods were to overlap.

Q5: How long is the budget period for this award? Can I apply for this opportunity if my program is currently operating under the 2010 Consumer Assistance Program grant in a No-Cost Extension period?
A5: The budget period is 12 months. 2010 Consumer Assistance Program grantees are encouraged to apply for this grant opportunity regardless of their status as a currently operating program. Applicants must be in good standing to qualify for an award, which includes being up to date on all quarterly Federal Financial Reports at the time of submission of this application through the award date of this grant. Project plans for this grant opportunity must expand upon work currently in progress through any Consumer Assistance Program No-Cost Extension period, but can also provide new funding for projects or activities that may have ended under previous grant periods.

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