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New Hampshire State Flexibility to Stabilize the Market Grant Award

Grant Application Summary

New Hampshire Grantee: State of New Hampshire Insurance Department

Award Date: August 20, 2018

Total Award: $280,076.12

Baseline Award: $274,344.83

Workload Award: $5,731.29

Section 2702 - In addition to ensuring health insurance issuers are offering approved products for purchase, the New Hampshire Insurance Department will hire an actuarial firm to perform a market scan of New Hampshire’s health insurance market to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of enrollment from rate changes and the changes in the individual mandate. The market scan will also research whether the risk pool of the individual market is changing the insured market as a result of proposed federal regulations. New Hampshire will also explore policy options that could mitigate any adverse effects to New Hampshire’s insured markets.

Section 2707 - The New Hampshire Insurance Department will hire a clinician to review formularies for all Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant insurance plans. New Hampshire will develop standard operating procedures and tools to aid department staff in the review of formularies for compliance with the State’s Essential Health Benefits (EHB) benchmark plan.