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Establish Part D Exceptions Contact & Update Part D Appeals Contact in HPMS

CMS will issue to the provider community on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 a spreadsheet with your organization's Part D Exceptions Contact and Part D Appeals Contact. The exceptions number will be the number for physicians to call when requesting a formulary exception. This is a new contact field in HPMS. We will use the Part D appeals contact that your organization provides in HPMS for both exceptions and appeals if your organization does not provide a different number for these functions. If your organization uses the same contact for both of these functions, then your organization should still complete the new Part D exceptions contact field so that the contact data your organization has on file is complete. These updates are due no later than 12 noon ET on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 for the January 18th release to the provider community.

Instructions for Providing Information to HPMS --
Please use the following navigation path in HPMS to enter your Part D exceptions and appeals contacts: HPMS Homepage > Contract Management > Contract Management > Select a Contract Number > Contact Information. If you require technical assistance, please contact the HPMS Help Desk at either 1-800-220-2028 or

Thank you.