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Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Clearance Process– Changes to State Survey Agency Responsibilities in Obtaining Information for Civil Rights Clearances for Initial Certifications and Changes of Ownership (CHOWs)
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This memo supersedes S&C: 09-57. •Office for Civil Rights Clearance Process – A health care provider that applies for participation in the Medicare Part A program must receive a civil rights clearance from OCR, as set forth in 42 CFR 480.10(b). •Initial Enrollment or CHOW- State Survey Agencies (SAs) are to include the OCR Civil Rights Certification Information Request Packet (Civil Rights Packet) with their initial enrollment package that is sent to a potential provider or to a provider undergoing a CHOW. •Civil Rights Packet may be submitted on line- SAs must now also offer the potential provider the option to answer all questions and submit the entire civil rights clearance package on line at • Online Application Submission Start Date- This change will be effective July 15, 2013.