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Medicare HETS 270/271 - CMS Requesting Feedback from HETS 270/271 Direct Provider Submitters
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HETS 270/271
HETS 270/271 Direct Provider Submitters:
CMS requests your feedback regarding current and future usage of the Medicare HETS 270/271 eligibility system.
CMS needs information regarding your past and future needs for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiary eligibility data. Please provide one response from your organization by Friday, October 29, 2010.
  1. To what extent has your need to verify Medicare beneficiary eligibility increased over the last two years? (Sample response: "My need for eligibility information has increased 10% since 2008.")
  2. What is your estimate of increased demand in the next two years? (Sample response: "I expect my requests for Medicare eligibility information will increase 15% by 2012.")
  3. If your requests for Medicare eligibility have increased, or are expected to increase, please briefly explain why.
  4. At what points do you request verification of eligibility data? Please indicate all that apply to your practice:
    1. Periodically for all your Medicare patients? (If Yes, please indicate how often and when.)
    2. When you set up an appointment?
    3. When the patient arrives?
    4. When you submit a Medicare claim?
    5. Please provide any additional comments that would help us determine your needs regarding frequency of request.
  5. In addition to requesting data in connection with providing a medical service, are there any other reasons you request/verify Medicare beneficiary eligibility data?
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