PERM Workgroups

Welcome to the PERM workgroup page.  This page provides a list of workgroups, calls, and initiatives associated with the PERM program.

PERM Technical Advisory Group

The Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is a forum established to discuss technical and operational issues and share best practices relating to the PERM program. The purpose of the PERM TAG is to inform and advise CMS as it prepares guidance, identifies and resolves issues, reviews operational policies, and otherwise carries out its responsibilities with respect to the PERM program. The PERM TAG also enables CMS to apprise members of current and planned initiatives in areas of mutual interest.  CMS holds quarterly meeting with the PERM TAG members.

Provider Education PERM Initiative Workgroup

The Provider Education PERM Initiative (PEPI) is established to support the corrective action process by assessing the adequacy and/or quality of  PERM provider education efforts.  A collaborative workgroup has been formed to focus on the development of provider focused training and materials, CMS/PERM Website monitoring/updating and, facilitate PEPI Workgroup research and development activities that contribute towards building a repository of best practices that all providers in all states can access.  PEPI workgroup convenes on a quarterly basis.

State Systems Workgroup

The State Systems workgroup is a collaborative group with representatives from CMS and states to address individual state system problems that may cause payment errors. State specific workgroup calls typically occur prior to the submission of the state's final PERM Correction Action Plan.


The Mini-PERM audits are voluntary State-specific improper payment review, intended to assist States in identifying and eliminating improper payments during years States are not measured under PERM.  These reviews assist States in developing targeted CAPS to decrease Medicaid and CHIP improper payments.

Best Practice Calls

CMS hosts quarterly best practice calls to facilitate idea sharing and lessons learned among the States in order to decrease improper payment.  During the calls, States present their corrective action success stories in decreasing improper payments so other states can implement similar initiatives.  If you are interested in presenting on a best practice call or would like to hear how other states addressed a particular issue please contact:

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