2008 Edition

2008 Edition

To view the online 2008 edition of selected tables of the Data Compendium, please see the chapter links in the Downloads section below.

Table Descriptions by Chapter:


  • Table I.1 – CMS Disbursements, Fiscal Years 2007-2009
  • Table I.2 – Program Benefit Payments, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table I.3 – Program Benefit Payments Per Enrollee, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table I.4 – Benefit Outlays by Program, Selected Fiscal Years


  • Table II.1 – CMS Benefit Payments by Major Program Service Categories, Fiscal Year 2007
  • Table II.2 – Medicare Trust Fund Projections, Fiscal Years 2005-2008
  • Table II.3 – Medicare Benefit Payments by Type of Benefit, Fiscal Years 20065-2007
  • Table II.4 – Medicaid Payments by Basis of Eligibility, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table II.5 – Medicaid Payments by Type of Service and Basis of Eligibility, Fiscal Year 2006
  • Table II.6 – Medicaid Medical Assistance Payments by Type of Service, Fiscal Years 2004-2006
  • Table II.7 – National Health Care by Type of Expenditure, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table II.8 – CMS Benefit Payments by Major Personal Health Expenditure Service Categories, Calendar Year 2006
  • Table II.9 – National Health Expenditures: Public and Private Funding, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table II.10 – National Health Expenditures Source of Funds, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table II.11 – Personal Health Care Payment Source, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table II.12 – Consumer Price Index, All Urban Consumers, Selected Components


  • Table III.1 – Medicare Operations of the HI Trust Fund Report, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.2 – Medicare Operations of the SMI Trust Fund, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.3 – Medicare SMI Part B Trust Fund Income, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.4 – Medicare Ratio of Part B Benefit Payments to Premium Income, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.5 – Medicare Administrative Expenses, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.6 – Medicare Contractors
  • Table III.7 – Medicare Redeterminations
  • Table III.8 – Medicare Physician/Supplier Claims Charge Reductions, Selected Fiscal Years 1980-2008
  • Table III.9 – Medicare Charge Determination Data for Physician/Supplier Claims, Selected Fiscal Years 1975-2008
  • Table III.10 – Medicaid Administrative Expenses, Fiscal Years 2004-2006


  • Table IV.1 – Medicare Enrollees, Selected Years
  • Table IV.2 – Medicare HI and/or SMI Enrollment Demographics, 2007
  • Table IV.3 – Medicare HI and/or SMI Enrollment End Stage Renal Disease Demographics, 2007
  • Table IV.4 – Medicare HI Enrollment Demographics, Selected Years
  • Table IV.5 – Medicare Aged Hospital Insurance Enrollment Demographics, Selected Years
  • Table IV.6 – Medicare State Buy-Ins for SMI, 2000-2007
  • Table IV.7 – Medicare Part D Enrollment by Age Group, 2008
  • Table IV.8 – Medicaid Enrollment and Beneficiaries, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table IV.9 – Medicaid Eligibles Demographics, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table IV.10 – Life Expectancy at Birth and at Age 65 by Race and Sex: United States, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table IV.11 – Period Life Expectancy at Age 65, Historical and Projected Intermediate Alternative


  • Table V.1 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital Utilization, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table V.2 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital Days per Person by Days of Care, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table V.3 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital Discharges by Length of Stay, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table V.4 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital DRGs Ranked by Discharges, Fiscal Year 2007
  • Table V.5 – Medicare Ranking for All Short-Stay Hospitals, Fiscal Year 2007
  • Table V.6a, Table V.6b, and Table V.6c – Medicare Leading Part B Procedure Codes Ranked by Allowed Charges, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table V.7 – Leading Medicare Physician and Supplier BETOS, Classifications Based on Allowed Charges, Calendar Years 2006 and 2007
  • Table V.8 – Medicare Persons Served by Type of Coverage, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table V.9 – Medicare Persons Served by Type of Service, Calendar year 2007
  • Table V.10 – Medicare Use of Selected Types of Long-Term Care, Calendar Years 1982-2007
  • Table V.11 – Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) by Treatment Modality
  • Table V.12 – Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Point Prevalence, by Treatment Modality and Demographics, 2005
  • Table V.13 – Home Health Agency, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.14 – Hospice, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.15 – Skilled Nursing Facilities, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.16 – Outpatient, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.17 – Medicaid Eligibles by Type of Service, Fiscal Years 2001-2005
  • Table V.18 – National Community Hospital Utilization, 1973-2006


  • Table VI.1 – Medicare Hospital and SNF/NF/ICF Facility Counts, November 2008
  • Table VI.2 – Medicare Inpatient Hospitals, Selected Years
  • Table VI.3 – Other Medicare Providers and Suppliers, Selected Years
  • Table VI.4 – Selected Medicare Facilities by Type of Control, 2007
  • Table VI.5 – Medicare PIP Facilities, Selected Years
  • Table VI.6 – Medicare Participating Physician Program
  • Table VI.7 – Medicare Assigned Claims, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table VI.8 – Participating Rates as Percentage of Physicians, by Specialty, Selected Periods
  • Table VI.9 – Medicare Advantage, Cost, PACE, Demo, and Prescription Drug Contract Report, 2008
  • Table VI.10 – Active Physicians
  • Table VI.11 – Active Federal and Non-Federal Physicians by CMS Region, 2005
  • Table VI.12 – Part B Practitioners Active in Patient Care, Selected Year
  • Table VI.13a and Table VI.13b – Medicare Physician and Other Practitioner Registry by Specialty, July 2008


  • Table VII.1 – Net Reported Medical Assistance Payments, Fiscal Year 2007
  • Table VII.2 – Mean Medicaid Outlays by Basis of Eligibility, 2006
  • Table VII.3 – Medicare Enrollment by State, 2007
  • Table VII.4 – Medicare Enrollment as a Percent of Resident Population by State, 2007
  • Table VII.5 – Medicare Part D Enrollment by State, 2008
  • Table VII.6 – Medicare PDP and MA-PA Enrollment by State, 2008
  • Table VII.7 – Medicare Part D and Retiree Drug Subsidy Enrollment by State, 2008
  • Table VII.8a and Table VII.8b – Medicare Part D Enrollment by Organization Type, Arrayed by State, 2008
  • Table VII.9 – Medicaid Eligibles by State, Fiscal Year 2005
  • Table VII.10 – Medicare State Buy-Ins for Part A and Part B, July 2008
  • Table VII.11 – Medicare Persons Served by State, Calendar Year 20087
  • Table VII.12 – National Community Hospital Care by State, 2006 Annual Survey
  • Table VII.13a and Table VII.13b – Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization by State, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table VII.14a and Table VII.14b – Medicare Home Health Agency Utilization, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table VII.15a and Table VII.15b – Medicare Hospice Utilization, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table VII.16 – Medicare Inpatient Hospitals by State, 2008
  • Table VII.17 – Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities and Certified Beds by State, 2007
  • Table VII.18 – Nursing Facilities Certified for Medicaid Only and Other Medicaid Long-Term Care Facilities by State, 2007
  • Table VII.19 – Community Hospitals by State, 2006 Annual Survey
  • Table VII.20 – Medicare Part B Participating Physicians and Other Practitioners by State, Selected Years
  • Table VII.21 – Physician Assignment Rates as a Percent of Allowed Charges by State, Fiscal Year 2008
  • Table VII.22 – Medicare Physicians and Other Medical Professionals by State, 2007


  • Table VIII.1 – Financing of Medicaid Programs, Fiscal Year 2009
  • Table VIII.2 – Medicare Cost Sharing and Premium Amounts for Hospital Insurance
  • Table VIII.3 – Medicare Cost Sharing and Premium Amounts for Supplementary Medical Insurance
  • Table VIII.4 – Medicare Annual Maximum Taxable Earnings and HI Contribution Rates, Calendar Years 1966-2008
  • Table VIII.5 – Title XIX Federal Medical Assistance Percentages, Fiscal Years 2006-2009
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