CMS Leadership

Office of Financial Management

Megan Worstell

Director & CMS Chief Financial Officer

Megan Worstell is the Director of the Office of Financial Management (OFM). As one of CMS’s senior financial management executives, she is accountable and responsible for planning, directing, analyzing and coordinating the Agency’s comprehensive financial management functions, including the release of the CMS Annual Financial Report and the CMS Budget to Congress. Megan also helps lead the implementation of all CMS financial management systems, debt collection activities, travel, error rate measurement, and other financial management functions.

Megan served as the Acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Acting Director of OFM from May 2015 – August 2016. During her tenure, CMS achieved its 17th consecutive unqualified audit opinion for the 2015 CFO Audit. CMS implemented Phase 1 of the Enterprise Contract Initiative to achieve a risk based approach to better align the Marketplace contracting vehicles with the program requirements, better manage cost overruns, and reduce contract costs by $40-$50 million. Megan has also served as the Director of the Budget and Analysis Group (BAG) for over four years. BAG is responsible for formulating and executing the entire budget for CMS consisting of close to $1 trillion in outlays every year and served as the Agency liaison with the Appropriations Committees. Megan also served as the Deputy Director of BAG.

Megan graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Flagler College.


Jennifer Carter

Acting Deputy Director

Jennifer Carter is the Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Financial Management (OFM).  Most recently, Jennifer was the Director in OFM’s Budget & Analysis Group (BAG) where she was responsible for formulating and executing the entire annual $1.5 Trillion budget for CMS.  Jennifer has been with CMS for 34 years, 24 of those years in OFM. Her focus in OFM has always been on budget formulation and execution providing oversight and guidance on the Agency’s annual budget justification.  Jennifer has implemented a number of process improvements in OFM, from automating various enterprise reports in the Agency operating plan to developing a holistic view of the funding supporting CMS programs.  During her tenure, she oversaw the successful implementation of the Consolidated Budget System, a budget system that combines formulation and execution, provides real-time reporting to components for transparency, and enhances budget reporting capabilities.  Before coming to OFM, Jennifer worked on Home Health and Hospice Policy issues in CM as well as general policy issues in the Atlanta Regional Office.

Jennifer has a degree in Political Science from Colorado State University.

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