For Patients & Caregivers

For Patients & Caregivers


Find a nursing home
Finding a Nursing Home

Current and potential Nursing Home residents and caregivers can access information that will help them find a Nursing Home. Links to helpful resources such as Care Compare can help residents and their caregivers determine the best care options specific to their needs. Residents and caregivers can also access a guide that will provide tips for things to keep in mind and general information that will guide residents through the process of finding a Nursing Home.


Resident Rights
Residents’ Rights & Quality of Care

Residents and caregivers can find information related to patients’ rights in Nursing Homes, including available resources for residents and caregivers when issues are identified.


COVID-19 Data
COVID-19 Information & Resources

Residents and caregivers can quickly access current information related to COVID-19, including Nursing Home testing and current guidelines for visitation. Information on Telehealth and remote care can also be found here.



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