CMS CyberVets Program

CMS CyberVets Program

Transitioning warfighters to civilian missions that help protect and strengthen our federal IT infrastructure

CyberVets answer call to protect U.S. Data

Program Temporarily Paused


CMS’ CyberVets program provides an amazing opportunity for transitioning military members who are interested in starting a career in the federal cybersecurity field with little or no prior cybersecurity experience.


The CyberVets program is a six-month rotation at CMS where service members will engage in both authentic problem-based and “on the job” cybersecurity training, learning the skills required to protect our data and network.  The program begins with a solid foundation in networking fundamentals and network security essentials; and then progresses into more advanced areas such as reverse engineering, threat management, policy, and compliance management. Participants will able to develop the skills and confidence necessary for exploring modern cybersecurity theories through hands-on learning experiences and to communicate threat status’ to senior leadership.

Upon successful completion, the CyberVet will be:

  • Trained in cybersecurity operations, compliance, and policy
  • GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) certified
  • Mentored in the CMS work environment and culture
  • Have an established network and relationships among operators, cyber risk advisors, ISSOs, and management within CMS and beyond

Detailed Program information can be found in the downloads section below.


The CyberVets Program is currently open to active duty military members utilizing the DoD SkillBridge Program. CMS is an approved SkillBridge industry partner. Service members must have at least eight months remaining before their EAS/EAOS in order to complete the program.

Timeframe of Program:

These dates are especially important to understand so that transition timeframes align with the target program dates.  Service members may not transition prior to completion of the program.

Current Cybervet Cohort Temporarily Paused - 2024

Cohort #11 - Jan 22, 2024-Apr 19, 2024 - PAUSED

How to Apply:

DoD's SkillBridge Program

Interested service members should first talk with their Command leadership about your transitioning goals and intentions. The CyberVets Program requires a six-month commitment and candidates will need to be approved for the SkillBridge Program in advance.

CMS' CyberVets Program

  1. Register to be considered for future CyberVets cohorts.
  2. CyberVets program will review your information and contact you for a pre-interview to determine your eligibility.
  3. General Information:

Opportunities for Federal Employment:

Federal employment with CMS is not guaranteed following the CyberVets Program.  However, if successful participants are selected for CMS employment, here are the special veteran hiring authorities that could be utilized and here is another hiring authority that veterans could be hired through as well.

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