The Transitional Reinsurance Program – Reinsurance Contributions (RIC)

The Transitional Reinsurance Program – Reinsurance Contributions (RIC)

Who Makes Contributions in 2014?

Pursuant to 45 CFR 153.20, contributing entity means a health insurance issuer; or for the 2014 benefit year, a self-insured group health plan (including a group health plan that is partially self-insured and partially insured, where the health insurance coverage does not constitute major medical coverage), whether or not it uses a third party administrator.
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Payment Options

The 2014 Reinsurance Contribution Rate is $63.00 per covered life.
Contributions can be made:

  • In one lump sum of $63 per covered life

2014 Key Deadlines

Educational Resources

2014 Presentations for the Reinsurance Contributions Submission Process

How to Make a Reinsurance Contribution

To successfully complete the RI Contribution Submission process, Contributing Entities must do the following:

2014 Operational Guidance Documents

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