Payment Recovery Information System (PRIS) Medicare Parts C & D Plan Portal /PMPP

Payment Recovery Information System (PRIS) Medicare Parts C & D Plan Portal /PMPP

The PRIS Plan Portal, also referred to as PMPP, is a web-based application that will house Medicare Part C and Part D programs audit information conducted by CMS’s Center for Program Integrity (CPI) and the Program Plan Integrity Medicare Drug Integrity Contractor (PPI MEDIC). The PRIS Plan Portal is also the tool that will be used to conduct the Medicare Part C and Part D program audits and serve as a communication and document delivery tool for Plans that are selected for an audit. Only audits conducted by CMS in collaboration with the PPI MEDIC will use this new portal. The audits are Self-Audits, National Audits, and Program Integrity Audits.

The URL to access the PRIS Plan Portal is Before accessing the portal, the end user will need to be credentialed and approved for access.

Step 1: Establish an Identity Management (IDM) ID. Go to the IDM homepage to create an IDM ID if you do not have one already. This ID is not the same as your 4-character CMS Enterprise User Access (EUA) User ID.
Step 2: You must have the PRIS Plan Portal application specific role associated to your IDM User ID. 
         External Point of Contact (EPOC) – This individual will request access initially and be approved by the CMS Business Owner. Go to The EPOC user will choose “Role Request” and select “PRIS Plan Portal” then select user role “EPOC User,” and list all contracts to approve Plan Users who need access for those contracts. 
         NOTE:  An EPOC User must be set up first in order for any other users from your organization requesting the “Plan User” role.
         Plan User - Go to The Plan User will choose “Role Request,” select “PRIS Plan Portal,” then select “Plan User Role,” and list contracts the user will be working with. 
         NOTE: The EPOC will approve all Plan User role requests.

NOTE: Refer to the IDM User Guide ( (PDF)) for steps on establishing a new IDM ID and requesting a role. The IDM User Guide will help you in navigating the IDM user interface to perform other Self-Service functions, such as changing/resetting your password, managing your account profile and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) devices, canceling your role requests, and removing your role/role attributes, and much more.


The below table lists all the user roles with a description of permissions.

PRIS Plan Portal User Role

User Role Description

CMS/CPI/ Division of Prescription Drug Audits (DPDA) Business Owner

Business Owner Representative responsible for approving users for CMS users, MEDIC users, and EPOC users. Note: This user role will also have access to the PRIS Plan Portal application as the Business Owner Representative user.

CMS/CPI DPDA Audits Team –Data Analytics User

The user with this role is using the system, can upload/download, read/write, communicate in plan portal, and is a CMS employee in DPDA.

CMS/CPI DPDA Audits Team –Read-only User

The user with this role is only viewing reports/data and is a CMS employee not specific to DPDA.

PPI MEDIC– Data User

The user is an active system user, upload/download/read/write access from PPI MEDIC.

PPI MEDIC– Read-only User

The user can read/view/download reports and system information.


The user can read/upload/download and communicate with PPI MEDIC for contract deliverables. Note: This user role belongs to CMS/CPI Contracts Management Group (CMG) COR Team.

Plan User

Representative from Plan Contract that will upload/download data to and from PRIS Plan Portal application. Will also communicate via plan portal.


The user with this role is trusted with approving request for Plan Users with corresponding plan contracts. Note: This user role will not have access to the PRIS Plan Portal application.

Admin User

Provides Administrative support to the PRIS Plan Portal application. Note: This user role will have access to the PRIS Plan Portal application to provide administration support functions to assist end users trouble in navigating the application and additionally access to application help desk.

Help Desk User

This user role will only access IDM system for Helpdesk functions, in order to support PRIS Plan Portal end users. This user will not have access to the PRIS Plan Portal application.

Note: For any questions/ issues related to the PRIS Plan Portal application, the end users of the application will need to reach out to the MAPD Helpdesk at 1-800-927-8069 and select option 7 or send an email to


Current Audits

Self-Audits: These audits are currently being conducted and all plans selected have been notified. This audit consists of analyzing prescription drug event (PDE) records for appropriateness of payment in the areas of Hospice and Hepatitis C. There is also an educational part of the audit to understand each plan’s process for coverage determinations for oral vancomycin and insulin drugs.


Helpful Resources

IDM User Guide: (PDF)

PRIS Support Mailbox:

MAPD Help Desk:  1-800-927-8069, option 3, and then option 4.


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