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Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

This page provides important information about PACE.  

Organizations interested in applying for a PACE Program Agreement can download the paper version of the initial application under the Download section below.  Applicants will complete the initial application in the Health Plan Management System (HPMS).

PACE Quality Measures: Quality improvement (QI) is a major goal of CMS, and equally important to PACE Organizations across the nation. CMS will post PACE quality information as it becomes available. Interested individuals can access the materials in the Download section below:

Applicants and other interested parties who do not have access to HPMS can stay abreast of current HPMS memos and guidance by subscribing to the Medicare Advantage listserv.  Subscribers to the CMS PLAN or INDUSTRY listservs receive memos and guidance regarding Medicare Advantage, Part D prescription drug programs and PACE.

Subscribing to the Medicare Advantage listserv is easy! If you do not have access to HPMS, but would like to receive CMS guidance and memos, simply request to be added to one of the following listservs:

PLAN LISTSERV: Choose this listserv to receive HPMS guidance and memos if you are a user who works for an MA, Part D or PACE organization, but your role in the company does not require HPMS access.

INDUSTRY LISTSERV: Choose this listserv if you are an industry user who is not associated with any existing MA,  Part D or PACE organization, but works with MA, Part D or PACE in some capacity (e.g., consultants, PBMs, doctors, pharmacists, etc.).

Please email your request directly to Sara Silver at  Please indicate in the email which listserv you wish to join. If you wish to join the PLAN listserv, please provide the contract number(s) with which you are associated.