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Thursday, January 26, 2023



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Medicare Enrollment in PECOS: Faster & Easier Application Process — Coming Summer 2023

Submitting and tracking Medicare Enrollment applications in PECOS is about to get easier and faster. Starting this summer, PECOS will have features to better meet your needs. Watch this 2-minute video or read these FAQs (PDF) to learn more about:

  • A single application for multiple enrollments
  • Pre-population of data and an application that’s tailored to you
  • Enhanced capability to add or delete group members
  • Real-time processing checks and status updates
  • Re-validation reminders

The PECOS redesign will include a robust Knowledge Base with extensive content to help answer questions about enrollment, how to use all the new features, and much more.

We’ll provide you with regular updates on the PECOS redesign over the coming months. For more information, visit Introducing PECOS 2.0.


Medicare Enrollment: Maintain the Same Owners in All Enrollment Records

Make sure that provider and supplier ownership information is consistent across all enrollment records under your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

If an individual or organization has 5% or more partnership interest or ownership (direct or indirect), you must list them on all enrollment records under your TIN.

If there’s different ownership information under your TIN, CMS will mail you a letter explaining that we’ll apply the ownership information from the most recent application with an ownership change to all enrollment records under your TIN. 

If the information in the letter is correct, you don’t need to do anything.

If the information in the letter isn’t correct, submit an updated 855 enrollment application to your Medicare Administrative Contractor or National Provider Enrollment contractor (PDF). You’ll need to update the enrollment record of each individual enrollment.  

Going forward, we’ll apply change of ownership updates from the application to all enrollment records under the TIN.

Send questions to ProviderOwnership@cms.hhs.gov.


Hospitals: Revised Beneficiary Notices Required April 27

The Office of Management and Budget approved the following notices and instructions for renewal:  

  • Important Message from Medicare (CMS-10065)
  • Detailed Notice of Discharge (CMS-10066)
  • Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (CMS-10611)

CMS added revised standardized nondiscrimination language required on our forms and notices; other information on the notices remains the same. Starting April 27, 2023, you must use the new versions of the notices.

See Beneficiary Notices Initiative for the new forms and instructions and additional information, including Spanish versions of the notices.


Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment of the Spine: Comparative Billing Report in January

This month, CMS will issue a Comparative Billing Report (CBR) on Medicare Part B claims for chiropractic manipulative treatment of the spine. Use the data-driven report to compare your billing practices with those of your peers in your state and across the nation.

Look for an email from cbrpepper.noreply@religroupinc.com to access your report.

More Information:


Poverty: Help Reduce Disparities

In 2021, the U.S. poverty rate was 12.8%. Poverty disproportionately affects racial and ethnic groups, including American Indian or Alaska Native (25.9%); Black or African American (21.7%); and Hispanic or Latino (17.6%) (see Healthy People 2030). Use Z codes (PDF) to identify poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and other social determinants. Poverty Awareness Month is the perfect time to learn more about health disparities.


MLN Matters® Articles

Home Health Changes for Disaster Claims and Certain Adjustments

Find out when to use condition code DR (PDF) on claims.


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