HETS 270/271 Medicare Eligibility - HETS Desktop (HDT) Authentication Changes - New User Guide Available - January 22, 2021

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HETS 270/271 Medicare Eligibility - HETS Desktop (HDT) Authentication Changes - New User Guide Available - January 22, 2021
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HETS 270/271

Medicare HETS Desktop (HDT) Users: 

Multiple CMS applications (including HDT) currently use the CMS Enterprise Identity Management System (EIDM - often referred to as the CMS Enterprise Portal) for application user registration, validation and authentication.  CMS is transitioning from EIDM to a new enterprise Identity Management (IDM) system -- and this will impact the HDT application effective this Friday, January 22, 2021.  

HDT will transition from using EIDM to IDM on Friday evening, January 22, 2021.  HDT may be unavailable for the period of 6:00 PM - 11:59 PM ET on Friday, January 22, 2021.  Following this transition, HDT users will authenticate via IDM instead of EIDM when signing into the application.  There is no change to the HETS 270/271 application; HETS 270/271 will remain available during this transition and there will be zero impact to HETS eligibility processing. 

The EIDM accounts for all current HDT users have been migrated to IDM; existing HDT users will not need to re-register in IDM.  HDT Users will utilize the same HDT URL for login ( https://cmshdt.cms.gov/HDT/ ).  HDT Users will utilize the same User ID and password that is currently used when signing into HDT via EIDM.  Existing HDT users will notice the following changes: 

  • While the login URL remains the same, the look and feel of the login pages is slightly different. 
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) credentials have not been copied over from EIDM.  The User's email address of record must be used for the initial MFA login to HDT via IDM.  Users will have the ability to set up additional MFA devices/services associated with their IDM account. 
  • CMS has copied one existing EIDM security question and answer to the new IDM account. Users should update their security questions and answers in IDM to ensure they have access to self-service security features in IDM. 

An entirely new HDT IDM User Guide is now available online here:  https://www.cms.gov/files/document/hets-270271-idm-hdt-user-guide.pdf (PDF) 

The new HDT IDM User Guide includes complete HDT instructions including IDM account maintenance functions (changing passwords, managing MFA services, updating security questions, etc.) as well as HDT application specific functionality.   

MCARE recommends that all HDT Users review the new User Guide (Section 3's 'Quick Reference Guide' may be particularly useful for existing Users) in preparation for this Friday's migration of HDT from EIDM to IDM.  Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.