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Release of Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Core Survey Data Worksheet, Notice of Quarterly Dialysis Facility Report (DFR) Updates and Revisions to the Tier 2 Outcomes List Methodology
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Fiscal Year
• Release of FY 2019 ESRD Core Survey Data Worksheet: The ESRD Core Survey Data Worksheet is updated annually to reflect clinical indicators, outcome goals, and outcome thresholds based on current national data. The Worksheet is used as a surveyor tool while conducting an on-site dialysis facility survey. The worksheet has been updated to reflect current national thresholds for the data elements used to evaluate a facility’s performance. The updates align with information contained in the FY 2019 DFR. • Notice of Quarterly DFR updates: Select measures of the DFR will be updated on a quarterly basis as of December 2018. The comprehensive DFR will continue to be updated annually along with three quarterly updates throughout the FY. Surveyors should review the most recent DFR to appropriately evaluate current data elements included in the ESRD Core Survey. • Revisions to FY 2019 Tier 2 Outcomes List Methodology: The FY 2019 Tier 2 Outcomes List has been revised to identify the top 5% of ESRD facilities with poor clinical outcomes across four defined clinical measures. States are expected to survey all facilities on the outcomes list from their State. The annual process for releasing and reviewing the Outcomes List will remain the same.