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Release of Mandatory Surveyor Training Program on Care of Persons with Dementia and Unnecessary Antipsychotic Medication Use – Release of Third Video
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• Release of Training Materials: The Survey and Certification Group (SCG) is providing the third and final training program on the care of persons with dementia and unnecessary antipsychotic medication use. The first two programs were made available in January 2013; the third program will be released after May 31, 2013. • Program Content and Design: The third program is a video-streaming that discusses how to cite severity. The first program provides survey basics related to care of persons with dementia and unnecessary medications. The second program is an interactive self-study with video clips that walks through portions of an actual nursing home survey. • Target Audience: These three programs are mandatory for all State and Regional Office surveyors and optional for other interested personnel. Surveyors have until August 31, 2013 to view the final training. The deadline to view the first two programs was April 30, 2013.