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Rehabilitation Agencies: Fire Alarm Systems, SOM Appendix E Revision - Advance Copy
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• SOM Appendix E – The interpretive guidance for OPTs is revised to clarify the fire safety requirements. Surveyors should review the revised Appendix to view the requirements in their entirety. • Rehabilitation Agencies – Fire Safety Requirements: Rehabilitation Agencies are required to have an automatic extinguishing system or an enclosure with a 1-hour fire resistance rating in hazardous areas as well as fire extinguishers, a fire alarm system, and a fire evacuation plan. • Air Horns as a Fire Alarm System: Air horns will not serve in place of a fire alarm system for Rehabilitation Agencies. • Certification/Recertification: Rehabilitation Agencies cannot be certified or recertified and extension locations cannot be approved if they do not meet the minimum fire protection requirements.