Toolkit Part 2: Using a reader-centered approach

This page links to the download for Toolkit Part 2, Using a reader-centered approach to develop and test written material.  This part covers the following topics:

  • Preface about the Toolkit
    • What is the Toolkit?
    • What topics are covered in the Toolkit?
  • A reader-centered approach
  • Remember that you are writing for your readers, not yourself.
    • How do you differ from your intended readers?
  • Look at motivation from your readers' point of view.
  • Learn by observing where and how the material will be used.
  • Focus on removing common barriers.
    • How can you create low barrier material?
  • Orient toward the subset of readers who are less knowledgeable, less attentive, and less skilled at reading.
  • Get help from readers on what to say and how to say it.
    • What kinds of help can you get?
    • What methods can you use?
  • Rely on feedback from readers as the ultimate test.

To view Toolkit Part 2, click the download listed below.  You are also allowed to save or print a copy of this download from your personal computer. 

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