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Table Descriptions by Chapter:

I.        BUDGET (ZIP):

  • Table I.1 – CMS Disbursements, Fiscal Years 2008-2010
  • Table I.2 – Program Benefit Payments, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table I.3 – Program Benefit Payments Per Enrollee, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table I.4 – Benefit Outlays by Program, Selected Fiscal Years


  • Table II.1 – CMS Benefit Payments by Major Program Service Categories, Fiscal Year 2008
  • Table II.2 – Medicare Trust Fund Projections, Fiscal Years 2006-2009
  • Table II.3 – Medicare Benefit Payments by Type of Benefit, Fiscal Years 2006-2008
  • Table II.4 – Medicaid Payments by Basis of Eligibility, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table II.5 – Medicaid Payments by Type of Service and Basis of Eligibility, Fiscal Year 2007
  • Table II.6 – Medicaid Medical Assistance Payments by Type of Service, Fiscal Years 2005-2007
  • Table II.7 – National Health Care by Type of Expenditure, Calendar Year 2007
  • Table II.8 – CMS Benefit Payments by Major Personal Health Expenditure Service Categories,
  • Calendar Year 2007
  • Table II.9 – National Health Expenditures:  Public and Private Funding, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table II.10 – National Health Expenditures Source of Funds, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table II.11 – Personal Health Care Payment Source, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table II.12 – Consumer Price Index, All Urban Consumers, Selected Components


  • Table III.1 – Medicare Operations of the HI Trust Fund Report, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.2 – Medicare Operations of the SMI Trust Fund, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.3 – Medicare SMI Part B Trust Fund Income, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.4 – Medicare Ratio of Part B Benefit Payments to Premium Income, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.5 – Medicare Administrative Expenses, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table III.6 – Medicare Contractors
  • Table III.7 – Medicare Redeterminations
  • Table III.8 – Medicare Physician/Supplier Claims Charge Reductions, Selected Fiscal Years 1980-2009
  • Table III.9 – Medicare Charge Determination Data for Physician/Supplier Claims, Selected
  • Fiscal Years 1975-2009
  • Table III.10 – Medicaid Administrative Expenses, Fiscal Years 2005-2008


  • Table IV.1 – Medicare Enrollees, Selected Years
  • Table IV.2 – Medicare HI and/or SMI Enrollment Demographics, 2007
  • Table IV.3 – Medicare HI and/or SMI Enrollment End Stage Renal Disease Demographics, 2008
  • Table IV.4 – Medicare HI Enrollment Demographics, Selected Years
  • Table IV.5 – Medicare Aged Hospital Insurance Enrollment Demographics, Selected Years
  • Table IV.6 – Medicare State Buy-Ins for SMI, 2000-2008
  • Table IV.7 – Medicare Part D Enrollment by Age Group, 2009
  • Table IV.8 – Medicaid Enrollment and Beneficiaries, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table IV.9 – Medicaid Eligibles Demographics, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table IV.10 – Life Expectancy at Birth and at Age 65 by Race and Sex:  United States,
  • Selected Calendar Years
  • Table IV.11 – Period Life Expectancy at Age 65, Historical and Projected Intermediate Alternative


  • Table V.1 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital Utilization, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table V.2 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital Days per Person by Days of Care, Calendar Year 2008
  • Table V.3 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital Discharges by Length of Stay, Calendar Year 2008
  • Table V.4 – Medicare Short-Stay Hospital DRGs Ranked by Discharges, Fiscal Year 2008
  • Table V.5 – Medicare Ranking for All Short-Stay Hospitals, Fiscal Year 2008
  • Table V.6a, Table V.6b, and Table V.6c – Medicare Leading Part B Procedure Codes Ranked by Allowed Charges, Calendar Year 2008
  • Table V.7 – Leading Medicare Physician and Supplier BETOS, Classifications Based on Allowed Charges, Calendar Years 2007 and 2008
  • Table V.8 – Medicare Persons Served by Type of Coverage, Selected Calendar Years
  • Table V.9 – Medicare Persons Served by Type of Service, Calendar year 2007
  • Figure V.10a – Medicare Use of Selected Types of Long-Term Care, Calendar Years 1982-2008
  • Table V.11 – Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) by Treatment Modality
  • Table V.12 – Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Point Prevalence, by Treatment Modality and Demographics, 2005
  • Table V.13 – Home Health Agency, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.14 – Hospice, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.15 – Skilled Nursing Facilities, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.16 – Outpatient, Medicare National Summary
  • Table V.17 – Medicaid Eligibles by Type of Service, Fiscal Years 2002-2006
  • Table V.18 – National Community Hospital Utilization, 1973-2008


  • Table VI.1 – Medicare Hospital and SNF/NF/ICF Facility Counts, November 2009
  • Table VI.2 – Medicare Inpatient Hospitals, Selected Years
  • Table VI.3 – Other Medicare Providers and Suppliers, Selected Years
  • Table VI.4 – Selected Medicare Facilities by Type of Control, 2008
  • Table VI.5 – Medicare PIP Facilities, Selected Years
  • Table VI.6 – Medicare Participating Physician Program
  • Table VI.7 – Medicare Assigned Claims, Selected Fiscal Years
  • Table VI.8 – Participating Rates as Percentage of Physicians, by Specialty, Selected Periods
  • Table VI.9 – Medicare Advantage, Cost, PACE, Demo, and Prescription Drug Contract Report, 2009
  • Table VI.10 – Active Physicians
  • Table VI.11 – Active Federal and Non-Federal Physicians by CMS Region, 2005
  • Table VI.12 – Part B Practitioners Active in Patient Care, Selected Year
  • Table VI.13a and Table VI.13b – Medicare Physician and Other Practitioner Registry by Specialty, July 2008


  • Table VII.1 – Net Reported Medical Assistance Payments, Fiscal Year 2008
  • Table VII.2 – Mean Medicaid Outlays by Basis of Eligibility, 2007
  • Table VII.3 – Medicare Enrollment by State, 2008
  • Table VII.4 – Medicare Enrollment as a Percent of Resident Population by State, 2008
  • Table VII.5 – Medicare Part D Enrollment by State, 2009
  • Table VII.6 – Medicare PDP and MA-PA Enrollment by State, 2009
  • Table VII.7 – Medicare Part D and Retiree Drug Subsidy Enrollment by State, 2009
  • Table VII.8a and Table VII.8b – Medicare Part D Enrollment by Organization Type, Arrayed by State, 2009
  • Table VII.9 – Medicaid Eligibles by State, Fiscal Year 2006
  • Table VII.10 – Medicare State Buy-Ins for Part A and Part B, July 2009
  • Table VII.11 – Medicare Persons Served by State, Calendar Year 2008
  • Table VII.12 – National Community Hospital Care by State, 2007 Annual Survey
  • Table VII.13a and Table VII.13b – Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization by State,
  • Calendar Year 2008
  • Table VII.14a and Table VII.14b – Medicare Home Health Agency Utilization, Calendar Year 2008
  • Table VII.15a and Table VII.15b – Medicare Hospice Utilization, Calendar Year 2008
  • Table VII.16 – Medicare Inpatient Hospitals by State, 2008
  • Table VII.17 – Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities and Certified Beds by State, 2008
  • Table VII.18 – Nursing Facilities Certified for Medicaid Only and Other Medicaid Long-Term Care Facilities by State, 2008
  • Table VII.19 – Community Hospitals by State, 2007 Annual Survey
  • Table VII.20 – Medicare Part B Participating Physicians and Other Practitioners by State, Selected Years
  • Table VII.21 – Physician Assignment Rates as a Percent of Allowed Charges by State, Fiscal Year 2009
  • Table VII.22 – Medicare Physicians and Other Medical Professionals by State, 2007


  • Table VIII.1 – Financing of Medicaid Programs, Fiscal Year 2010
  • Table VIII.2 – Medicare Cost Sharing and Premium Amounts for Hospital Insurance
  • Table VIII.3 – Medicare Cost Sharing and Premium Amounts for Supplementary Medical Insurance
  • Table VIII.4 – Medicare Annual Maximum Taxable Earnings and HI Contribution Rates,
  • Calendar Years 1966-2009
  • Table VIII.5 – Title XIX Federal Medical Assistance Percentages, Fiscal Years 2006-2010
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