CMS Strategic Plan

CMS Strategic Plan
CMS Strategic Plan

CMS Accomplishments for 2023 (PDF)

CMS Accomplishments for 2022 (PDF)

2023 CMS Strategic Framework  (PDF)

A Year in Review: June 2021 - May 2022 (PDF)

CMS Strategic Plan Infographic (PDF)


Advance Equity - Advance health equity by addressing the health disparities that underlie our health care system

Expand Access - Build on the Affordable Care Act and expand access to quality , affordable health coverage and care

Engage Partners - Engage our partners and communities we serve throughout the policy making implementation process

Drive Innovation - Drive Innovation to tackle our health system challenges and promote value-based, person-centered care

Protect Programs - Protect our programs’ sustainability for generations by serving as a responsible steward of public funds

Foster Excellence - Foster a positive and inclusive workplace and workforce, and promote excellence in all aspects of CMS’s operations

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