CMS Strategic Plan

CMS Strategic Plan
CMS Strategic Plan

CMS Accomplishments for 2022

2023 CMS Strategic Framework  (PDF)

A Year in Review: June 2021 - May 2022 (PDF)

CMS Strategic Plan Infographic (PDF)


Advance Equity - Advance health equity by addressing the health disparities that underlie our health care system

Expand Access - Build on the Affordable Care Act and expand access to quality , affordable health coverage and care

Engage Partners - Engage our partners and communities we serve throughout the policy making implementation process

Drive Innovation - Drive Innovation to tackle our health system challenges and promote value-based, person-centered care

Protect Programs - Protect our programs’ sustainability for generations by serving as a responsible steward of public funds

Foster Excellence - Foster a positive and inclusive workplace and workforce, and promote excellence in all aspects of CMS’s operations

Strategic Plan Cross Cutting Initiatives

Cross-Cutting Initiatives

Overview fact sheet (PDF)

Cross-Cutting Initiatives Infographic (PDF)

Integrating the 3Ms

Elevating Stakeholder Voices Through Active Engagement

Behavioral Health

Drug Price Affordability

Maternity Care

Oral Health 

Rural Health 

Supporting Health Care Resiliency

Coverage Transition (COVID-19/ PHE Unwinding)

National Quality Strategy

Safety and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes

Data to Drive Decision Making

Future of Work @ CMS

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