HCPCS Level II Coding Decisions

HCPCS Level II Coding Decisions

Visit MEARIS™ to submit HCPCS Level II coding and payment-related applications and requests.

Application Deadlines

  • Drug and biological products: The first business day of each quarter (January, April, July, and October).
  • Non-drug and non-biological items and services: The first business day of January and July.

Application Reviews

  • For each review cycle, we’ll consider applications that we receive and determine to be complete by the deadline.
  • For applications we receive after the deadline, we’ll consider them in an upcoming review cycle.
  • We’ll make every effort to complete the review within the applicable coding cycle for all timely and complete code applications. However, on rare occasions, a particularly complex or multi-faceted decision may require additional evaluation beyond the timeframe of the coding cycle. In such cases, CMS maintains the flexibility at its discretion to continue consideration of that application into the next coding cycle. 


To view all CMS coding decisions, visit HCPCS Quarterly Update. In 2020, consistent with implementing shorter and more frequent HCPCS Level II coding cycles, CMS began releasing decisions on all coding actions on a quarterly basis.

Drug & Biologicals Final Quarterly Coding Decisions


Non-Drug & Non-Biological Items and Services Biannual Coding Decisions

2023 Decisions


2022 Decisions


2021 Decisions



To view older coding determinations, visit HCPCS Level II Archive.


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