Title & Cite
Medicare Program; Modernizing and Clarifying the Physician Self-Referral Regulations Final Rule (85 FR 77492)
  • Facilitating the Transition to Value Based Care and Fostering Care Coordination (Section 411.357(aa))
  • Fundamental Terminology and Requirements (Sections 411.351; 411.354(d)(5) and (6))
  • Indirect Compensation Arrangements (Section 411.354(c)(2))
  • Patient Choice and Directed Referrals (Section 411.354(d)(4))
  • Group Practice Clarifications and Updates (Section 411.352)
  • Definitions (Section 411.351)
  • Decoupling the Physician Self-Referral Law from the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and Federal and State Laws or Regulations Governing Billing or Claims Submission
  • Denial of Payment for Services Furnished under a Prohibited Referral—Period of Disallowance (Section 411.353(c)(1))
  • Ownership or Investment Interests (Section 411.354(b))
  • Special Rules on Compensation Arrangements (Section 411.354(e))
  • Exceptions for Rental of Office Space and Rental of Equipment (Section 411.357(a) and (b))
  • Exception for Physician Recruitment (Section 411.357(e))
  • Exception for Payments by a Physician (Section 411.357(i))
  • Exception for Fair Market Value Compensation (Section 411.357(l))
  • Electronic Health Records Items and Services (Section 411.357(w))
  • Exception for Assistance to Compensate a Nonphysician Practitioner (Section 411.357(x))
  • Updating and Eliminating an Out-of-Date Reference (Section 411.355(c)(5))
  • Limited Remuneration to a Physician (Section 411.357(z))
  • Cybersecurity Technology and Related Services (Section 411.357(bb))