South Dakota Affordable Insurance Exchange Grants Awards List

South Dakota Affordable Insurance Exchange Grants Awards List

South Dakota has received two grant awards to build its Affordable Insurance Exchange. This includes a Planning Grant and a Level One Establishment Grant.

Summaries of South Dakota’s applications for each grant are provided below:


Establishment Grant Level One Application Summary

Administrator: South Dakota Division of Insurance
Award Amount: $5,879,569
Award Date: May 16, 2012
Application Due Date: March 30, 2012
Level of Funding: Level One

Summary: South Dakota will use Level One funds to further its planning, research and design of an Insurance Exchange for the State. The state will focus on: analysis of the effect of an Exchange on South Dakota’s insurance markets; creating a risk adjustment/reinsurance plan; study of the effects of adverse selection and of program integration and integrity; designing a comprehensive outreach and education plan; producing a thorough plan regarding Exchange design and financial management; conducting additional research regarding a SHOP Exchange; writing an RFP for a comprehensive IT development plan; determining how best to incorporate the eligibility and benefits appeals and grievance process for Medicaid, CHIP and the Exchange subsidy programs with the current Department of Insurance health insurance carrier grievance procedures and systems; and, analyzing the ability of the Division of Insurance to perform plan management functions and determine what additional resources may be necessary to perform all Exchange related plan management functions, including research into the enrollment options.


State Planning Grant

Awarded September 30, 2010

Administrator: Office of the Governor

Amount Awarded: $1,000,000

  • Determine if the State will choose a State-based Exchange or elect a federally administered Exchange.
  • Catalog and review existing data sources to glean pertinent information regarding the uninsured, the insurance market, and small businesses.
  • Update a State-specific survey to include:
  • The demographics of insured and uninsured populations.
  • Eligibility of uninsured for employer based converge or Medicaid and reasons for not enrolling in creditable coverage.
  • Eligibility of uninsured for subsidies through the Exchange.
  • The marketing methods needed to encourage individuals to purchase insurance through the Exchange.

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