SNP Application

Every applicant that proposes to offer a SNP must obtain additional CMS approval as an MA-PD plan.  A CMS MA-PD contract that is offering a new SNP, or that is expanding the service area of a CMS-approved SNP, needs to complete only the SNP application portion of the MA application if CMS has already approved the service area for the MA contract.  Otherwise, if the MAO is planning to expand its contract service area, it must complete both a SNP application and an MA Service Area Expansion (SAE) application for the approval of the MA service area.

The SNP application contains a list of questions and attestations requiring a “yes” or “no” response and requires the applicant to upload documentation in support of responses to the questions and attestations.  This is generally similar to the format of the MA application.  The timeline for submitting the SNP application is the same as the MA application timeline.  All SNP applications must be submitted electronically through the Health Plan Management System (HPMS) to CMS by the SNP application due date.  The MA application and the SNP application for the current contract year are available at the below link to the Medicare Advantage Applications website.  The SNP application is located in appendix I of the MA application.

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