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Resources for Quality Improvement

QIO News

QIO News, a bimonthly CMS e-publication, provides you with the latest news about health care quality improvement. QIO News is your source for timely, in-depth information about the ways QIOs and the QIO Program are improving health quality. Every issue features an exclusive interview with a quality leader, highlights QIO accomplishments, and provides real-world examples of the QIO strategies and tools that help health care providers “move the measures” for safer, more efficient patient care. Sign up to receive QIO News or visit our archive to view current and past issues by clicking the "QIO News" link in the "External Links" section of this page, below.


Established by CMS, QualityNet provides healthcare quality improvement news, resources and data reporting tools and applications used by healthcare providers and others.

QualityNet is the only CMS-approved website for secure communications and healthcare quality data exchange among QIOs, hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, end stage renal disease (ESRD) networks and facilities, and data vendors.

The goal of QualityNet is to help improve the quality of health care for Medicare beneficiaries by providing for the safe, efficient exchange of information regarding their care.

Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign

Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes is an ongoing, coalition-based campaign concerned with how we care for the elderly, chronically ill and disabled, as well as those recuperating in a nursing home environment. The campaign builds on the success of other quality initiatives like Quality First, the Nursing Home Quality Initiative, and the culture change movement. Campaign goals include creating a culture of person-centered, individualized care and an empowered workforce in nursing homes.

Much of the work of the Campaign aligns with the patient safety work under the QIO 9th SOW and other critical QIO quality projects. QIOs have been central to the success of the Campaign to date.

QIO Information for Medicare Beneficiaries and Their Advocates

QIOs protect the rights of beneficiaries who are concerned about the quality of their care. QIOs work to find the reason why things happened to cause your concern and to determine the likelihood that it will happen again. The purpose of a quality of care review is not to punish your doctor, but to help improve care delivery for future patients. In cases where chances are high that the scenario will happen again, the QIO will help your healthcare provider make changes in procedures to prevent future problems.

Complaints that QIOs receive are handled by doctors who are trained in the medical area that fits best with your concern, and have training in detecting and resolving quality problems. The doctor addresses quality of care concerns with your healthcare provider and reviews your medical records.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of care you are receiving, call your local QIO to discuss the situation with a trained professional. You can contact your local QIO online or call us at 1-800-MEDICARE. Visit the “Related Links inside CMS” (below) for more information.