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What are the CMS Quality Measure Development Plan (MDP) & the MDP Annual Report?

Our Quality Measure Development Plan (MDP) is a way to help us build and improve quality measures clinicians can report under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and as participants in Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs). MIPS and APMs together are known as the Quality Payment Program. Our MDP is required by Section 102 of the Medicare Access and Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (MACRA).

To make the MDP for MACRA-funded measure development, we:

  • Do environmental scans.
  • Do gap analyses.
  • Work with key stakeholders.

These activities help us to:

  • Get expert input about the measures we need.
  • Prioritize which measures to develop.
  • Evaluate existing quality measures.
  • Reduce the reporting cost and burden for clinicians.
  • Meet our goal of person-centered, value-based measures to support the Quality Payment Program.

You can get more information about or help with the Quality Payment Program and/or the MDP.



CMS Quality Measure Development Plan (PDF) -- May 2, 2016

The Measure Development Plan guides the development of quality measures to:

  • Support value-based payment for eligible clinicians.
  • Help people make decisions about their health care.

We posted the draft plan (PDF) on December 18, 2015. Then, after we got extensive input from the public, we published the final Measure Development Plan on May 2, 2016.

2020 Quality Measure Development Plan Annual Report (ZIP) -- June 25,  2020

Measure Development Plan (MDP) Annual Reports meet MACRA’s requirement to report our progress every year in:

  • Developing measures for the Quality Payment Program.
  • Implementing the CMS Quality Measure Development Plan.

We know clinicians face a burden and cost when they have to report. We’re committed to considering only what’s most important to providing high-quality care and improving patient outcomes.

You can also read the 2019 Quality Measure Development Plan Annual Report (ZIP)2018 Quality Measure Development Plan Annual Report (PDF), and 2017 Measure Development Plan Annual Report (PDF).

2018 CMS MDP Environmental Scan and Gap Analysis Report (PDF) -- August 9, 2018

Our environmental scans look at quality measures for the Quality Payment Program. Each report finds gaps where targeted measure development would help us meet our quality priorities. Our latest report focused on 5 clinical specialties selected in 2017.

You can also read the 2017 CMS MDP Environmental Scan and Gap Analysis Report (PDF). This report was about the first set of priorities and specialty measurement gaps described in the MDP.

Our contractor convenes Technical Expert Panels (TEPs) to help find recommendations to improve quality measures for clinicians. These panels of measurement experts, clinicians, patient/caregiver representatives, and other stakeholders review our gap analyses and give us input on the MDP Annual Reports. Their work will add to a future MDP update.

In 2019, the MDP TEP met to review progress and next steps to develop and test a Quality Measure Index that we’ll use as a decision-making tool when we develop and choose meaningful measures.

December 2019 MDP TEP Summary (PDF) -- February 21, 2020

You can also read our June 2019 MDP TEP Summary (PDF) and February 2019 MDP TEP Summary (PDF) focused on the Quality Measure Index.

Previous MDP TEP meetings focused on specialty-specific and crosscutting measure subtopics recommended for the Quality Payment Program. “Crosscutting” measures are:

  • Relevant to most, if not all, clinicians, practices, and settings.
  • Broad-based.
  • Usually independent of a specific diagnosis.

November 2018 MDP TEP Meeting Summary (PDF) -- May 31, 2019

You can also read our May 2018 MDP TEP Meeting Summary (PDF) and May 2018 MDP TEP Meeting Summary Appendices (PDF) and/or November 2016 MDP TEP Meeting Summary (PDF).

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