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Decision #
Case #
13-2696; 14-0033; 14-0031; 15-0072; 15-0827; 15-3347
Provider #
Whether Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital (“Mary Imogene” or “Hospital”), as a Sole Community Hospital (“SCH”), was properly reimbursed for Indirect Medical Education (“IME”) costs for services provided to Medicare Advantage (“MA” or “Part C”) patients for the cost reporting years at issue. In particular, should the interim IME payments received for MA patients, as reported on the Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (“PS&R”) Report 118, be included in the total interim payments on Worksheet E-1 when determining the final settlement amounts owed to the Hospital?
Case Name
The Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital
Decision Date
Fiscal Year End
2007 - 2012