User ID Process

User ID Process

Obtaining HPMS Access

All users that require access to HPMS must request a CMS user ID. As of December 11, 2019, CMS will only accept request for new user IDs via EFI.

Plan and State users must submit user id request using the EFI system. The HPMS EFI instructions are also available in the Downloads section below. Please ensure that you follow the correct EFI instructions carefully to avoid errors that will delay the processing of your submission. These requests require on average 3-5 days to complete. State users should check for their State program they are accessing HPMS for to determine which instructions to follow.

Questions regarding the user ID process should be directed to

The HPMS team has developed 3 videos to assist users with completing the process for a CMS user ID to obtain access to HPMS. The three videos below walk the user through each step of the process from initially creating the EFI account, to what to expect once the ID is received.

Consultant and Signatory HPMS Access

All users that require HPMS access as a consultant (i.e., users that are not a direct employee of the organization) or require electronic signature access must follow the instructions identified in the below memos.  Failure to follow these instructions may jeopardize your HPMS access. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to

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